You Are Your Own Brand

It’s more than attaching your resume and cover letter and clicking apply. It’s about creating an identity, telling your possible future employer who you are as individual and why you stand out. You are creating a brand for yourself. Think of it like you are creating a brand for a product. Arranging colors and fonts, setting a tone of voice, and writing a mission of who you are. You are your own brand, and this is how to create it. 


More than a resume 

Resumes are a trusty guide to let the hiring manager or recruiter understand your background and experience. Instead of competing for attention, find another way to stand out. Create a website that helps a hiring manager understand who you are, what you’re about, and why you would be an asset to their company.


You’re special 

We all have an area of our life where we excel. Even if you are unsure, find that part of you that shines bright and put it on display. Whether it’s your attention to detail or ability to make designs, showcase your talents. On a personal website or blog post, create a section dedicated to your talents so it is easily accessible. 



In order to brand yourself, you have to understand who you are. From your resume to your piece of work you create, to every post on social media, it must fall under the same brand guidelines. Just like a company, you need to stay consistent in order for people to understand you. The work you put out must stay consistent with the brand you create for yourself in all aspects of your life, work or pleasure.