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Workers are Happiest in These Jobs

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Throughout our lifetime, we spend over 90,000 hours, also a third of our life, working at a job. When you put it into perspective, that is a long time, and you should be spending that time doing something you love. Not everyone’s deepest passions will be a monetary gain, but you should find a career that makes you happy or at least a job that you won’t dread daily.


LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index surveyed individuals about if they truly enjoy the nature of the work they do. The jobs below at in the top 10 for those that are happiest in their jobs.


10. Support – 31%

9. Administrative – 36%

8. Human Resources – 38%

7. Sales – 42%

6. Legal – 44%

5. Marketing – 50%

4. Healthcare Services – 51%

3. Education – 54%

2. Art and Design – 55%

1. Business Development – 56%


The bottom three jobs, support, administrative, and HR, are the least likely out of the ten job types to be happy in their role. They are in the bottom ten because they tend to underestimate the importance of their jobs and the ability to excel in their career. To be happy in their role, they need to find internal confidence and understand that their role is crucial to society.


Sales, legal, and marketing sit in spots seven, six, and five, following healthcare and education. Healthcare and education placing fourth and third are likely to love the nature of their job because of the high values they gain from their work. The work they do is internally rewarding, increasing the likability of their job.


Art and design reign in second place for the happiest individuals because of the nature of their work. Workers in this career are seen everyday improvements in people’s lives through their work, whether they are a music therapist or a UX/UI designer.


Lastly, business development ranks as the job with the happiest workers because of the magnitude of the opportunities they have. As art and design, you see immediate results, whether networking with clients or gaining new business.


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Although we do not place every job that was a part of this survey, we do place individuals in business development, art and design, marketing, sales, and human resources. If you are looking for a new job that you love, visit our website and check out our jobs page. We are always hiring, and we would love to help you with your job search.