Work from Home Survival Guide

It’s officially been six months since working from home began, and at that time we thought it would merely be a week or two. Now that we’re in September and the winter months are slowly creeping our way, it either sounds incredible to some but terrorizing to others. We cannot change the current situation of the pandemic, but what we can do is change how we react to it. Working from home may seem like it will never end, so we’re here to help you. Here are some of our favorite survival tips to enjoy working from home when the end isn’t anywhere in sight.


Set alarms


The most tempting part about working from home is being able to sleep right until you have to open your laptop and start working. To many, this is euphoric, but waking up as soon as you have to go to work creates bad habits.


There are always mornings where the warmth and coziness of your bed are much more inviting then waking up and staring your day, and that’s why we suggest you set alarms, just like you would when waking up to commute to the office. Start by creating an alarm for at least an hour before you have to wake up, or maybe set multiple. One hour, one 45 minutes, and the last one 30 minutes before you have to start working.


Setting an alarm, especially multiple alarms when you have trouble crawling out of bed in the morning, will help you wake up and mentally prepare for the day. It will give you time to start your morning right by getting ready to take on the day, whether that’s showering, eating breakfast, or getting in a workout.


Cultivate your “morning commute”


This survival tip goes hand-in-hand with setting an alarm. After you wake up, you should do everything in your power to create a “morning commute”. I’m not saying plan out how you’re going to make it from your bed to your desk but take out a chunk of your morning to prepare mentally. Give yourself some good ole fashioned “me time”.


Granting yourself time in the morning will put you in a better headspace when you have an eight-hour work-day ahead of you. Create a morning ritual that you follow, even if it’s making breakfast or drinking coffee outside and watching the world go by. It’s hard to differentiate work life from personal life when working from home, so do your best to create a morning commute for yourself.   


Take small breaks


Adjusting from working in the office to working from home can feel super weird, but now that we’re accustomed to it, it’s easier to get lost in your work. Allow yourself to take 2-3 small breaks throughout the day, whether you’re grabbing a snack, taking a quick break to check your phone, or taking time for yourself.


It’s necessary to give yourself small breaks throughout the day to let your mind rest. You don’t want to let yourself burn out, especially when you’re in front of a computer all day, so be mindful and give yourself a little break.


Eat, pray, love


Do not fall into the habit of eating lunch at your desk while you are working. It’s significant to give your undivided attention to your designated lunch hour (or half-hour). If you were in the office, you would be away from your computer, chatting with coworkers or focusing on your lunch. It’s crucial to keep that mindset when working from home.


If you don’t have a lot of time, then meal prep your lunch for the day. Meal prepping won’t make you feel rushed and you can enjoy the time you have to sit down and eat. If you have more time during your lunch break, take the time to make a nourishing meal for yourself. Doing a task such as cooking is a great way for your mind to get out of the work headspace and focus on a new task.


Take your lunch break seriously and look at it as a time to disconnect from your laptop and reconnect with your mind and body. Giving yourself time for self-care will help you better focus on your tasks for the second half of your day.


Get your body moving


When you work in the same building where you eat and sleep, it’s easy to stay inside and not move around. Physical activity and exercise are vital to keeping your mind healthy and happy.


An easy way to keep the body active is by taking a daily walk either before you start your day, or at the end of your day before you eat dinner and call it quits for the night. It can be hard to muster up the motivation to get your body moving, but once you start working out, you will be hooked.


If walks aren’t enough exercise for you, try online workout classes or YouTube videos. Now that physical trainers and instructors have learned how to navigate their services online, it’s made staying active and being healthy that much easier.


Overall, working from home is a double-edged sword because it feels great to not have the stress and pressures of commuting and other in-office situations. On the other hand, it’s hard to adjust to at-home distractions and having your work and personal life all under one roof. Take time for yourself throughout the day and know that work will get done. It’s necessary to take care of yourselves now, especially during a global pandemic, so be easy on yourself.