Why Your Company Should Offer Remote Work Options

The situation in this country is unknown because of the Delta variant spreading, but as it continues to spread, more cities and states are enlisting restrictions. Another lockdown might be approaching, and offices that recently opened will return to remote work. 


No matter the current situation, remote work has become a new norm for most companies worldwide. At first, many companies scrambled to make remote work accessible. Once it was no longer a choice, most people adjusted. 


There are many benefits to remote work, including being more productive and fewer distractions. Some companies have a traditional viewpoint and will only hire employees that report on-site or live in the surrounding area.  Not only will employees miss out on these benefits, but these companies are missing out on talent. 


A study from OwlLabs reported that currently, 66% of employees are working remotely. Every company is different, whether they decide to stay remote, on-site, or use a hybrid schedule. A matter of fact is, employees are the happiest when they offer the option to work remotely. 


As a company, it is necessary to make sure your employees are happy and satisfied. If the workers are happy, they will produce better work and be more productive. 77% of remote employees claim they are more productive, 80% of remote employees claim they experience less work-related stress, and 75% of remote workers claim they work from home because there are fewer distractions. 


As a staffing agency, we understand the demand of wanting on-site employees, but the proof is in the pudding. Employees are more productive, less distracted, and overall more satisfied with their job when they have the option to work from home. 


Another reason to offer remote benefits to employees is dependent on talent. The world of advertising and marketing is small, but it is even smaller when you geolocate your employees. Don’t get me wrong, you can find talented candidates in the surrounding areas, but there is more talent living throughout the country.  


When you open up the search to remote candidates, you can place people with a specific skill set you’re looking for, a more reasonable salary, or a better cultural fit. Narrowing your search to your location will make it harder for you to find your perfect candidate. 


Overall, we understand how frustrating and long it can take to find the perfect candidate, but that is why we come in Clutch! The job market is tight right now, and there are currently more open positions than are available candidates. Make your job easier and open your search to remote candidates; you’ll be surprised with the talent you find.