a woman being interviewed by two people.

Why You Should Use A Recruiter in Your Job Search

When you are in the middle of a job search, it can feel like you are backed into a corner. You have applied everywhere, but you haven’t heard a word back about being selected for an interview or for your next steps. One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting a job are with the help of the recruiter. Using a recruiter can seem scary because the fate of your future is in their hands, but the reality is they want to help you get a job if not just as badly as you want a job. Here are some of the best reasons why you should use a recruiter when you apply for a job. 


Tweak your resume and portfolio


Getting in contact with a recruiter will always be the first step. They will briefly have a phone screening with you and run through your resume, experience, and your portfolio. The recruiter wants to make sure your credentials are sparkling they get to the client, so they will help you to tweak your resume. 


If your resume really needs to be tweaked, the recruiter will ask you to redo it. Whether there’s a problem with your layout, your wording, or how you presented your experience, they will be specific and make sure you make your edits before they present you to the client. 


You should always edit your resume and refine it before sending it to a recruiter. Their job does not require them to edit your resume, but they will make suggestions and edits for your personal benefit in front of the client. 


Put you directly in-front of the hiring manager


When you apply for a job on your own, it is likely that your resume will sit in a stack with the dozens of other candidates that applied. Applying through a recruiter will let you skip the resume line and be presented directly in front of the hiring manager. 


Recruiters have a close relationship with the hiring managers at a company and when they think a candidate is a fit, they will send your information immediately over to them. They are trained to pick the perfect candidate, so they trust the decision-making ability of the candidates that are presented to them. 


Unfortunately, once you apply for a position on your own, a recruiter doesn’t have the ability to help you get through to the hiring manager. However, if you apply directly through them, you are at an advantage to all of the other candidates that applied.  


Connections, connections, connections


One of the best advantages of working with a recruiter is that they are extremely well connected. Although they tend to specialize in a specific department, their job is to know people and they are great at their job. 


Even if you aren’t sure if a recruiter has a relationship with a company you want to work for, reach out them and ask. Nine times out of ten they will have a relationship with someone within the company. On the off chance they don’t, they may still be willing to represent you and try to make a connection within the company. 


As I stated before, recruiters are passionate about their job and they genuinely want to see you placed in a new job just as badly as you. If you haven’t used a recruiter before or been in contact with one, take this as a sign to get in touch with one. There are dozens of recruiters on LinkedIn and if you are looking for a job in creative advertising, that’s our specialty so feel free to reach out!