7 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

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The world of blogs is a space for writers, creatives, and artists to express their work, opinions, and ideas. It is also the perfect space for individuals in the graphic design, marketing, and advertising field to create a version of themselves online that sets them apart from others in the field. Here are seven reasons why having a blog is beneficial and will help you stand out to employers and professionals.


Good for SEO– Not only do blogs give the ability to share innovative work and ideas, but it creates greater visibility online. Branding online is important, and the more personal work and websites with your name on it, the more people will see it. 


Engagement and feedback–  Blogs allow professionals in your field, or even strangers, to engage with the work you’ve created. Comments from others will create a larger perspective for critiques, general comments, and feedback on your personal work that can’t be posted on social media like Instagram and Twitter. 


Personal branding tool –Similarly to your own website and social media accounts, blogs emphasize your personal branding and your mission as a professional. An extra online platform is an extra space for you to gain a deeper understanding of your work and your brand.


Grow your network – Blogging isn’t just a way to express your ideas and work, it is also a hobby. For those who are interested in reading and learning, blogging is great way to not only grow your network within your profession, but spread it among people that may not normally see your work. 


Standout– Only 1% of internet users create content vs the 99% of users who view content. Stand out and be in that 1% to showcase your work instead of merely viewing the work of others. 


Resume booster– The more likely you are to write and showcase your work/ideas, the more you’ll have to showcase on your resume. Demonstrating your passions will help recruiters and future employees get a better idea about your mission as a professional. 


Expand creative horizons– Most graphic designers and creatives are passionate about creating art, but developing the skill set of a writer will stand out to other colleagues and professionals in the field who may not have the ability to both create visuals and pieces of writing.