skyline of Philadelphia

Why You Should Relocate to the Philadelphia Area

The pandemic was a great way to show us what was essential to us, especially the location of where we live. Thousands of people relocated from large cities to the suburbs throughout the pandemic. Or people relocated from one large city to a smaller one that has more generous opportunities. If you are questioning whether you should relocate for a new job, I can tell you that the answer is yes. If you are already considering relocating for a job, here is why you should move to Philadelphia. 


Philadelphia Named Top Destinations to Live


The city of Philadelphia was given a nine-page story in Travel and Leisure for being one of the top destinations to live in their December 2020 issue. The article dives deep into different neighborhoods in Philadelphia, such as Fishtown, Northern Liberties, East Passyunk, and The Italian Market.


The author of this article, who is Philly bred, featured all of her favorite restaurants, shops, and local businesses. She described Philadelphia as, “a group of scrappy dreamers made in the mold of Rocky Balboa, our true founding father, feels intact. And it’s a good thing. Like the rest of the world, we’re in for a fight.”


If that is not enough a reason to relocate to Philadelphia, then I do not know what is! This city offers incredible culture of dreamers, believers, and brotherly love.


Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List


Philadelphia is a feature on the Gold List of the famous traveler’s magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, as one of the best places to travel and visit in 2021. Other amazing cities featured in this list are Washington, D.C., Kauai, Hawaii, and Rome, Italy.


The article featured Philadelphia’s well-known Fairmount Park, located behind the Art Museum of Philadelphia. This area features a beautiful trail along the Schuylkill River for bikers, runners, and walkers. Another area of Philadelphia that was featured is the Italian Market, where the Italian culture thrives with local restaurants and irresistible food.


“There’s something special about Philadelphia, about the way it doesn’t care for pretense or about what anyone else thinks of it”. There is no culture like Philadelphia, and its people pride themselves on it. If you are looking for a new home where everyone comes together to celebrate togetherness, then book your one-way ticket to Philadelphia.


Frommer’s Best Places to Visit


For those that are not familiar, Frommer releases the best places to visit in the new year. Frommer’s list is highly reputable, and many readers listen and follow the opinion of the writers. For the new year, Frommer listed Independence Hall as one of the best places to visit in 2021


Independence Hall is one of the most historic places to visit in the country, and there is an entire section of the city dedicated to it. Old City is the home for Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and dozens of different historical attractions, like Benjamin Franklin’s house. It seems that many Americans have lost touch with the roots of our country, so this part of the city is a great way to reconnect. 


The cobblestone streets are still standing, with horses and buggies transporting you around the city. Whether you are a history buff or not, this is a must-see part of the city. Relocating to Philadelphia will allow you to see this part of the city as often and as plenty as you would like. Independence Hall is a must-see spot at least once in your life. 


Overall, this is one of the best times to relocate for a job because everyone’s lives are on pause. The pandemic allowed us to question and rethink what is important and what makes us happy. We hope those that are looking to move to find a new home soundly in the city of Philadelphia.