man working freelance from home

Why you Should Freelance During the COVID Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans lost their job, and it has affected people in all work-related industries. Now that the economy is beginning to stabilize, and cities, counties, and states are rolling in from yellow to green phases, work opportunities are beginning to grow again. Millions of people are still relying on unemployment and can no longer have the stability of a 9-5 job, but luckily there are other options, especially for creatives. Starting freelance work can feel intimidating, but here are some of the best reasons why you should consider working contract roles during this pandemic.


Remote work


Now more than ever, people are working from home, but as states begin to reopen, cases are spreading. People are not returning to work as fast as they initially thought, but if places can get back to an office setting, they will try to.


One of the great benefits of working freelance and contract roles is that most of them are remote and have flexibility in terms of coming in person. If there is talent that is out of state or across the country, they will be just as likely to hire them and give them the freedom to work remotely. Protecting the health of yourself and your loved ones is essential, so working freelance or remote gig will give you a bigger chance to work, so don’t be afraid to take that remote position.


Can’t predict the future


If you are currently unemployed and are looking for a job, any opportunity is going to be better than none. Unfortunately, coronavirus cases in the US are continuing to spike, and the uncertainty of our economy and the workforce is a concern. If you get hired as a full-time employee, there is a greater likability that you would be one of the first people let go due to unemployment and another shut down of the country.


You cannot predict the future, and having a freelance or contract role is a fantastic opportunity if you are not sure where to turn. There are plenty of successful companies around the country that are turning full-time positions into freelance, contract, and temp-to-hire until the pandemic sees a nearing end.


Money is money


It can feel unnerving to work freelance or contract roles because you aren’t sure when/what your next job will be, the length of the contract, and what you will be making. In times of crises such as this pandemic, it’s vital to consider that at the end of the day, money is money.


When working freelance jobs, you are paid significantly more per hour because your work on a specific project is more valuable. Companies will also have a bigger budget than if you are a full-time employee working on the project. If anything, you can make just as much money or more money than a full-time position, depending on your talent, the level of experience you have, and your ability to be a hard worker. Freelance and contract roles pay well and should be considered heavily. 


Building experience


During this pandemic, a lot of people found themselves in places they never imagined, and it’s rational and validated because we did not expect a new respiratory virus to shut down the world. If you are currently unemployed, contract and freelance jobs are a great way to build experience in an area you never thought you could explore.


If you are working in-house or at an agency, you will probably work with the same clients over and over. The best part about freelance and contract roles is that there are always new clients and fun and brilliant projects to work on that others don’t get as an opportunity. That is because those in permanent positions have limited clients. Take advantage of your ability to work freelance and build your experience to help you land your next big job.


Overall, working a freelance, contract, or temp-to-hire role can be beneficial in ways you never imagined. There is more freedom to grow as a creative, work in different markets, and the ability to expand your horizons compared to a permanent position. Open your mind to new possibilities because you never know where it will take you.