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Why You Should Be Taking Time Off


It has officially marked a year of the pandemic, and we are all feeling some type of way. For some, this past year has gone by surprisingly fast, while for others, this year has been dreadful and far too long. Whether you found yourself during quarantine or you struggled mentally, financially, or physically, that is all okay. We had to adapt quickly to covid restrictions and make lifestyle changes. One of the most significant changes we had to make was working remotely. 


Quarantine and the pandemic cut down the ability to take sick days and time off of work. We are all at home with the technology to work with and nowhere else to go. There was no reason we would need to take PTO or sick days (unless we had COVID, of course). Before the pandemic, only 28% of Americans maxed out their vacation days, and that number dropped during the pandemic. Work is important, and although our country runs on capitalism, it is necessary to take that vacation, mental health days, and sick days. 


Why it’s necessary


It has become harder to rationalize taking paid time off during the pandemic. We do not have anywhere to go when the entire world is on pause. Whether you take a vacation or are still in quarantine, you must take time off for your mental health and reduce stress. 


This year has been one of the most challenging years in most of our lives, and not having a fine line between work and personal time will only make that worse. Even if you take a day off to lay in bed and watch Netflix, that’s okay. Just because we now work where we live, that doesn’t mean we are always on call. 


Time off doesn’t have to be a vacation 


Travel has become more popular in the past few months, with more Americans getting vaccinations, the rise of antibodies, and a general lessened fear of the virus. Whether you have decided to take the risk of traveling or not, taking time off does not have to be a vacation. 


Mental health days are just as or even more important than vacation days. You can sprinkle them in every now or then or take a few days off in a row; both options are okay. We bet you hardly touched your PTO in the past year, and you deserve to take that time for yourself, no matter what you decide to do with it.  


Overall, you need to remember that you can spend your paid time off however you want to spend it. If you want to take a vacation, take a vacation, or spend time unplugged from work at home for a few days, go for it. We need to release the notion that paid time off is designated for vacations. We can use it for whatever we please. We hope you enjoy your PTO and take the time you need for yourself.