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Why Advertising and Marketing Roles Are in Need of Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic hit hard, causing an economic recession and the unemployment rate to skyrocket. Millions of people filed for unemployment benefits, and now that the virus is infecting more people than ever, it seems like we may be facing another bump in the road. Thousands of businesses are relying on relief packages and PPC loans, and it will take some waiting for another relief bill to be passed. One of the only fields that have been having quite the opposite problem is in advertising and marketing.


Jobs in these careers are churning, and the problem they are facing is that they aren’t getting enough talent to fill their roles. You’re probably thinking, how can businesses and agencies in this field have more jobs than talent? Here are some of the main reasons why people in advertising and marketing have tons of jobs to fill.


Project-based work


One of the main reasons there is a significant need for jobs in advertising and marketing is because of their ability to adapt to project-based employment. Project-based employment, or as many refer to is as freelance, is hiring an individual to complete a specific project/campaign.


This is extremely common within advertising and marketing because a company may need a specific skillet for new campaigns they have. Some of the most asked for contract roles are for these jobs:

•           Graphic Designers

•           UX/UI Designers

•           Website Developers

•           Copywriters


Contract and project-based employment are popular, especially for the jobs listed, because you can delegate creative work from company to company. There may only be a few instances when a business needs a website redesigned, a new logo and brand, etc.


Now that we are still in the middle of this pandemic, many companies have switched from traditional full-time hiring to freelance and temp-to-hire. Once many people and roles were cut because of the pandemic, there was no budget to hold full-time employees. Businesses have found a way around full-time hiring by hiring mostly freelance and temp-to-hire roles, especially for traditional jobs. Account directors, brand managers, media buyers/planners are seeing an increase in this type of employment.


The world of Pharma 


Another causation to having an extreme number of open roles in advertising and marketing is because many of these roles are for needs in both the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. The pandemic did anything but slow down these industries, and companies are constantly releasing new products.


For these products to sell, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are hiring talent based on freelance and project-based employment. Many of the jobs they are hiring for fall under the list above. Their products need design work, copywriting for their products, the businesses need work for their website and everything under the sun.


One of the best industries you can get into is pharmaceutical because they are one of the industries that will continue to hire, no matter the state of the world. New medicines, products, and vaccines are always being released, so it’s a field that is always looking for creative talent.


Businesses need marketing


The world of advertising and marketing has changed drastically over the decades, and advertising and marketing are more crucial than ever. If a business is looking to reach their audience, it is not word-of-mouth; it’s almost all digital.


Advertising and marketing creatives have paved the way for companies to sell their products digitally. They research who their audience is, what they’re on the market for, and how to convince them that they need the company’s product. For businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic, and what seems like it could be another nation-wide lockdown, they need to get their audience to buy their products. That’s where advertising and marketing come to play their part.


Overall, the job market at the moment may seem daunting, but the reality of the matter is that there are tons of jobs in advertising and marketing that they need to fill. Continue on your job search, and give the pharma/healthcare space a chance; you may be pleasantly surprised.