Where to Look for Job Opportunities and Resources

Businesses are shutting down and those that are open are cutting down on employees. Over 6.65 million people in just the last month have filed for unemployment, and you might have been one of them. We understand this is a stressful time and we want to help you in whatever ways we can. Here is a list of places that are currently hiring for jobs amid the madness and companies that are offering discounts/free resources. 




Clutch – I would hate for this to be a shameless plug, but we are here as a talent acquisition agency to help creatives like yourself find a job. Yes, we are still hiring for all types of roles; freelance, temp-to-hire, and permanent positions. Feel free to visit our website to see what jobs we have available that could be a perfect fit.  


GoPuff – Whether you want to drive delivery, or you are looking to join their corporate team, GoPuff is continuing to hire for positions. Although the company’s headquarters are in Philly, they currently serve a total of 90 locations and they are continuing to grow.  


Slack Slack is a tool for companies to stay in touch with each other through messaging and they’ve seen a large spike in their growth. Now that working from home has become essential for most jobs, Slack is looking to expand their team. 


Fiverr – This platform specializes in connecting people for freelance services. This platform is perfect for individuals in the creative advertising field that are looking for immediate work. Whether you’re looking for a new job or you’re looking to hire, this platform is essential. 


Amazon – One of the biggest companies in the United States is looking to hire 100,000 employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They currently have jobs for everyone, workers in the warehouses, shoppers in stores, and drivers for delivery. It might not be ideal, but all jobs are starting at a minimum of $17/hr.  





Adobe Creative Cloud – Adobe is extending their grace period for the trial of their Value Incentive Plan for 60 days. Along with an extended trial period, they are allowing students and teachers to access this plan for free.  


Freelancer’s Union – The Freelancer’s Union has created several guides from health insurance to non-payment. The president and executive director said, “any and all financial safety nets that are implemented in this moment of economic crisis must include freelancers.”