a person using social media on the subway.

When Your Boss Starts Following You on Socials

For many of us, we use social media as a way to express ourselves freely. The creation of social media platforms is for people to share interests, voice their truths, and be a part of a growing community. Social media has taken the world by storm, and it is out of the ordinary to not have an online presence. 


Expressing yourself online comes with risks, like your boss following you. Your boss finding your social media is a recipe for anxious thoughts and uneasiness, and it is something a lot of us experience. If your boss is following you on social media, or if companies are going to look into your online accounts during the hiring process, here are a few things to consider. 


Would you say it out loud?


Whether you post content on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc., you should always ask yourself if you would say what you posted out loud. When professionals in your career, especially those senior to you, see inappropriate content, it gives them a clear indicator of your ability to be professional. Not to mention, it alters their perception of you. 


If you have posted something that is offensive, rude, or inappropriate, we recommend removing it, whether you are public or private. Social media is a platform to post your opinions freely, but is it worth it if it will cost you your career?


Does it align with the company culture?


When you get the notification that your boss requested to follow you, the first response nearly always is panic. Before you delete most of your uploaded content, ask yourself if it aligns with your company culture. 


An example of this is if you posted a picture of wine you are drinking to your Instagram story, is this aligned with your company culture? For corporate America, it probably is not the most appropriate thing to post, but if you regularly go for happy hour with your work family, then it is okay. 


Moderate yourself


The one amazing yet terrifying thing about the internet is that nothing will ever be deleted permanently. So if you are thinking about tweeting something that might be taken the wrong way or post an inappropriate photo, you should be conscious about your online presence. 


We are not saying to hold back from posting what you love, but think about it like this – how would your mom and dad react if they saw what you posted? This gives a good base level for whether something is appropriate if you can’t decide. 


Overall, we love the freedom everyone has to voice their opinions and share themselves online, but sometimes the personability could cost you an amazing career. Be conscious of your online presence, but don’t forget to be yourself!