What You Don’t Know About The Great Resignation

In the past year, it has been more common than not that organizations have taken a hit to the Great Resignation. The Great Resignation is a phenomenon where professionals are leaving their jobs in the mass. There are multiple reasons behind the Great Resignation, a few being people want a higher salary, work remotely, or experience a job at a new company. 


Agencies and in-house businesses are having trouble hiring talent and retaining their current employees. Companies no longer have the upper hand in the hiring process; it is in the hands of the candidates. In their most recent survey, Axios reported individuals are more likely to stay within their company than not. 


In a recent report from Garner, they found that one in three individuals seeking a new job looked internally first. Through more digging in the survey, they found that employees are hesitant to look for new jobs internally at a company because of a lack of clarity about the process. 


The study showed that employees feel hiring managers can be biased about current employees because they can make it harder to move up internally and only 17% of employees that have applied internally say their hiring managers are helpful in the process. 


Employees feel there is a bias when hiring because higher-ups are looking for a “fresh face” instead of promoting internally. If organizations are still struggling to hire new talent and retain current employees, we recommend you adapt your hiring process to that of the current market. 


A few ways you can implement a different hiring process is to listen to the wants and needs of the candidates. If you wonder why you can’t keep your employees, ask yourself what your employees are unsatisfied with at your company. It could be one reason or a multitude of reasons, but doing some digging and showing interest in the wants and needs of your employees will only help you retain current employees.


Another way to encourage employees to apply internally instead of leaving for a different company is to offer your current employees the opportunity to apply for open positions before you release them to the public. You will be surprised by the number of employees looking to grow within the company. 


Overall, businesses should be doing everything in their power to change and adapt to the wants and needs of their current employees. We know the Great Resignation can be challenging, so we hope these tips help!