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What to Name Your Resume When Applying for Jobs

When applying for jobs, whether that’s directly through a company’s website, through a hiring manager, or a recruiter, it’s vital to know what to name your resume. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of applications per job. Do everything in your power to make your application process as seamless as possible. One of the best ways to keep the application process smooth is to name and label your resume and portfolio accordingly. 


Do not title your resume, ‘Resume’


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to label your resume as “Resume”. Although this initially may not seem like a problem, it can create a lot of confusion for the hiring manager and the recruiter. 


When recruiters and hiring managers are picking and sorting through resumes for jobs, they want to associate a name with the resume. When the document is titled resume, it creates confusion as to whom it belongs.  


Although this isn’t an overwhelming problem in the hiring stage, it’s crucial to diminish the possibility of confusion. Not only that, but your name should be what they remember, and it’s a fantastic way for you to stand out. 


Name your resume “(Your name)’s Resume”


When naming the file of your resume, your name should be displayed and then the word resume. You want to include both of these components because if not, a recruiter or hiring manager could confuse your resume with your portfolio or cover letter. 


It can feel excessive to be this specific about the name of your resume, but it’s necessary if you want to get the job. A skill that hiring managers and recruiters deem necessary is the ability to be detail-oriented, and accurately naming the file of your resume will help display that. 


Avoid numbered versions


You may have multiple versions of your resume for safekeeping, but when applying for a job, you should refrain from using the version in your title. 


A Numbered version of your resume can also confuse the individuals that are reading and sorting through resumes because they could think they do not have the correct version. On your computer, save the numbered versions of your resume in a folder and place your final resume in a separate folder. Separating these documents will take away from confusion between your resumes, and you will know which to send when applying for jobs. 


Save your resume as a PDF


Not only is it crucial to name your resume a specific name, but for the best results, you should save your resume as a PDF. Companies now use AI and other technologies to source through candidates, so your resume should be made legible for these programs. 


As a PDF, you can select the text, whereas you can’t select the text in a JPG or a PNG. If you export your resume as a PDF, the software can detect keywords that you used. You should adjust your resume to be compatible and seamless. A PDF format will help to increase your chances of being chosen for an interview. 


Overall, applying for a job is less about resume format and more about your abilities to perform. However, it is still necessary to have the proper etiquette when applying for jobs and making the process as seamless as possible for those on the other end. We hope you have the best of luck on your journey to finding a job!