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What is Right for You: Remote, Hybrid, or In-Person Work?

The coronavirus pandemic introduced remote work to the world. You no longer had to commute, report on-site, and live near where you work. Remote work has become more common than on-site work, and it seems that many companies will keep it that way. Some workers are excited to be back on-site, while others are dreading the return. 

Every person has a different personality type, work style, and your ability to work remotely, in person, or on a hybrid can affect productivity. Have you ever wondered what work environment is the best for your productivity? We have the answers. 


The personality type that will thrive the most on on-site work is extroverts. Extroverts are individuals that rely on socializing and human interactions in their day-to-day life. Lockdown hit extroverts hard because they were stuck inside with only their roommates and families and not getting their daily socialization. 

Other people that work the best on-site are people that work well in groups or collaborative work. A great example of a job type that works the best in-person are managers, directors, and senior-level executives. To properly conduct work and lead others, it is easier to oversee others when in person. 


If you are an introvert, the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for remote work. Before coronavirus, it was rare if companies offered remote opportunities. With the lockdown, everyone had to stay at home. Introverts rely heavily on their downtime and alone time to function in their day-to-day. Instead of commuting, interacting with coworkers, and working in an office, introverts enjoyed working from the comfort of their own homes. 

Other individuals that thrive working from home are those that work independently. There can be distractions when working in the office, and that can prevent work from being completed. Professionals that would work well remotely are UX/UI designers and developers. 


Professionals in the United States prefer a hybrid work schedule rather than being entirely remote or on-site. Personality types that would do the best on a hybrid schedule are anyone in-between the spectrum of introvert or extrovert. Introverted extroverts are those that prefer to be around people but need a little downtime. Extroverted introverts are those that rely heavily on downtime but enjoy socializing. A hybrid work schedule would give these personality types the human interaction they need at work and the alone time when working at home. 

Job types that would work the best on a hybrid schedule are individuals that work together with others but ultimately complete their work individually. A few examples of jobs are social media managers, graphic designers, and digital marketing specialists. 

Overall, each work style comes down to the personality and preference of the individuals. There could be introverts that love to work in person and executives that work the best at home. As the Delta variant continues to spread and worsen around the nation, it may be a reality that more and more offices will return to remote work. For those that are on-site, we hope that you stay safe and COVID-free!