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What is Happening to Freelance Roles?

The pandemic has shifted the type of positions that companies are hiring. In the world of advertising and marketing, freelance roles are just as popular as full-time positions. Advertising work is project-based, and different skill sets are a need for projects, making freelance the perfect opportunity.


Freelance can be a win-win for both the candidate and the client because it gives both parties flexibility. On the client side, it allows agencies to bring on talent for a specific skill set. It is also favorable for the candidate to gain experience from the project without commitment to the agency. 


This mutual relationship became particularly popular during the pandemic because companies were making job cuts, but they still needed the talent and the work. Instead of committing to hiring an employee full-time (with the uncertainty of resources), agencies could still produce fantastic work with a short-term commitment. 


For those individuals that were let go during the pandemic, it was a hard realization to come to terms with because professionals had to adjust to the job market. If freelance opportunities were the only positions companies were offering, they were going to take it. 


Now that we see the distant light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, the job market has switched, and freelance roles are changing with it. As many of you are aware, the Great Resignation is a very real phenomenon we are experiencing. Candidates control the job market, and companies are fighting to deliver the best offers to obtain talent. 


The change in the control of the market means that candidates get the opportunity to select what job offer is best suited for their needs. Nine times out of ten, candidates prefer to have the security of a full-time job over a temporary freelance position. 


To satisfy the needs of the candidates, agencies need to gain the security of the candidate for both the needs of the candidate and the agency itself. If talent is hard to come by, agencies need to change their approach to hiring and offer full-time positions. 


Although full-time positions are dominating the industry, there are plenty of freelance opportunities out there. Particularly during the fourth quarter, but permanent, full-time positions are taking over the market needs. We wish you the best of luck in your job search, and we hope you find an opportunity that suits your needs.