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Trendy Social Media Tips

Today is National Social Media Day; I think we can all agree that social media has taken over the world. Younger generations get their news and information from media outlets on social media, such as Twitter. Friends and family can stay connected with one another on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Pictures and videos can be sent back and forth through Snapchat. Last but not least, there is even a social media for businesses and professionals to connect, known as LinkedIn.


Social media has changed the way our modern world works. Groups have formed underground solely by using social media, which has allowed us to connect in a way that we have never been able to connect before. The most significant aspect of social media, especially for a company or brand, is knowing how to relate with your audience.


You’re no longer targeting your audience using billboards and newspaper ads, alternately, you are using social media posts to sell your product and your brand. Here are some trendy social media tips to capture the attention of your target audience.


Right place at the right time


Have you ever heard of someone falling in love and meeting the right person but at the wrong time? The same goes for social media. The act of posting on social media is easy, but if it’s not at the right place at the right time, your target audience will never see it. Using analytics on your social media platforms, whether that’s through a third-party like HubSpot or HootSuite or on the platform itself, helps you to understand the analytics of the most popular days and times of your social media posts.


For example, your target audience might be on social media the most from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m., so you should post your content during that timeframe. Depending on what time your audience is on social media, that will directly affect what posts they see on their timeline. Click here to learn what times are best to post based on the platform.


Be consistent


Along with the timeliness of your posts, it’s equally as important to be conscious of how often you are posting on each platform. Not only should you understand what time of the day your audience is seeing your posts, but you should plan to post multiple times a day if you want to salient on their feeds/timelines.


Using a social media planning tool, like HubSpot or HootSuite that were previously mentioned, is necessary to maintain the consistency of your posts. It can be hard as a social media manager and marketer to stay on top of posting multiple times a day. It is easy to get rid of that hassle by posting through a scheduling platform. This will ensure that you are posting without being responsible for manually posting every day.


It can be easily forgetful to post on weekends and holidays, but it’s more important during these times to show your online presence. The more free time people have to spend scrolling on their phones, the more likely they will see your content. They are essential to be consistent with the number of times a day/week you are posting.


Stay on brand


Social media trends are simple to come by, but they’re necessary to stay on brand when trending online. One of the best ways to stay on brand is to curate a mood board of colors and images that you want your brand to represent. Doing this will give you a clear idea of what kind of content you want to see as a brand and what kind of content your audience wants to see.


A great example of understanding your company’s brand on social media is by looking at their Instagram page. Looking at their Instagram will give a better perception of what your color scheme looks like, what kind of content they’re producing, and if it flows together as a whole. After looking at your Instagram page, understand where you can improve in terms of branding. Then use the piece of advice above to create a social media schedule that will help you plan your new ideas and implement them into your feed.


Between your brand’s different social media platforms, the content should always be a little different. The platforms you are using have a specific audience and voice, so be sure to use that to your advantage. Your social media platforms should be similar in terms of your brands’ voice, the color scheme and fonts, and the type of content that you are producing. Not all social media platforms of your company/brand should be the same, but it’s necessary to see a commonality in your branding among all of your platforms.


Engage with your audience


Creating social media posts is the easier half of your social media presence. The other half is effectively engaging with your followers and other brands within your expertise. When you engage with your audience, you were spreading warmth and friendliness to your followers, in turn, will allow them to trust you.


One of the best ways to engage with your audience is to comment on your audiences’ posts that feature your images. It’s crucial to follow your followers or other brands that follow you to show a sense of community. At the end of the day, social media is a community, making your voice and sense of engagement compelling. Not only are you advertising to your target audience, but you are proving that there is a friendly


Overall, your social media presence is one of the most influential tools that you have to connect with your audience, especially if they are of a younger generation. These trendy social media tips will help your brand grow on social media and will expand not only your audience but your online visibility.