Treating Employees Like Royalty

co workers sitting at table for meeting

To gain the best relationship with employees, employers have to show their employees that they care about their lives, both in and outside of work. Employees will not be motivated to put long hours into projects and perform to their maximum potential if they feel they do not have the respect and compassion of their employer. Here are the 4 steps to cultivate positive relationships between employers and employees. 


Reciprocate Loyalty

To gain the utmost degree of loyalty, employers have to show they are just as dedicated to their workers as their workers are to them. Increasing loyalty can begin around policies and strategies in the office, or it can be as large as making different healthcare and wellness decisions. Even helping an employee’s friends and family gain job opportunities will increase likability and loyalty. 


Express Employee Importance

If employees feel that they are not serving the greater good of the company, they are going to have lower levels of motivation and feel counterproductive.  Appraisals to employees, such as words of motivation, highlights of the month/week, or even gifts to prove the importance of their work will help employees feel important. 


Decrease Stress  

Projects and deadlines are inevitable, but the stress surrounding them doesn’t have to be. People get sick and emergencies happen suddenly so employees need to have their needs supported in order to reduce stress. If employers are understanding about sick days, time off, and life outside of the office, the employees will feel better about coming into work. Understanding situations and decreasing stress will make employees want to work harder for a company that supports the stress levels of their workers.


Increase Compassion

Emotional intelligence is the key to gaining hard work from employees. Employers who understand and can sympathize and empathize with their employees will be the most successful because employees feel the advocacy and encouragement of their bosses and from the company as a whole. Employers who have meaningful relations with their employees will experience the greatest amount of gratitude and work ethic because employees are working for a company they believe in. 


The above steps is the key to happy employees and creating a long lasting relationship between employee and employer. Even if it seems hard to achieve, small steps in the right direction will optimize success.