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Tips from Successful Job Seekers

There is nothing more frustrating than applying to dozens of jobs and never hearing back. Applying for a new job is a full-time job within itself. First, you need to research positions you qualify for and that interest you. Then you need to edit your resume and portfolio, and lastly, you need to fill out applications and write cover letters if necessary. 


We understand the struggle, especially when you’ve applied to many positions and haven’t heard back. Here are some of the best tips from recruiters and successful job seekers. 


Take initiative 


One of the best ways to secure an interview is to take initiative in the hiring process. There are plenty of ways you can do this, the first being to reach out to the hiring manager directly. Once you have applied, connect with them via LinkedIn or shoot them an email explaining your interest in the role. 


In the message/email, explain why your skillset and experience would be a good match, and chances are they will consider you over other candidates. Another great way to take initiative is to cold call the company. Cold calling can be scary for many, but this is one of the most effective ways to secure an interview. When you call the hiring manager or the department unexpectedly, they will be more likely to listen to your reasoning and capture your interest in the role. 


Cold calling isn’t for everyone, so in this case scenario, we suggest workly directly with a recruiter. If you are planning on working with a recruiter, remember that you will not be considered for a role if you apply on your own, so leave it to the recruiter to handle. When you work with a recruiter, they will assess your skillset, and if you are a match for an open role, they will send you directly to the hiring manager. Your resume won’t get lost in a pile of other applicants, and you will have a much better chance of landing the role. 


Customize each resume/portfolio


A mistake most job seekers make is using one resume for every application. It is time-consuming and draining to edit your resume for each specific job description, but the time and energy you put into tweaking your resume for different roles, the better possibility of getting an interview. 


Each company has a specific skill set they are looking for, so when you apply your skills generally to every job, there is probably someone out there with a more refined skillset that matches the job description. Adjust your resume slightly for each job and try to match your resume to what their job description states. If the job description reads that the company asks for someone with Sketch experience or can create wireframes, edit your resume to reflect that. Remember to adjust your resume this way only if you have the skillsets in your toolbelt.


Optimize your LinkedIn


It is common for professionals seeking a new job to interview for a position they didn’t initially apply for on their own. LinkedIn is one of, if not the most, powerful resource for job seekers. If you have not done it already, we suggest adjusting your LinkedIn to show you are actively looking for a job. 


In your settings, you can adjust if you want other users to know you are actively looking or not. This setting adjustment will help recruiters and hiring managers to connect and network with professionals with similar skillsets to positions they are filling. 


If there is a company you are dying to work for, use LinkedIn to your advantage. Connect with professionals at the company that would be in your department. Leave a note with your invitation expressing your interest in working for the company. 


Overall, we get the frustrations of applying for tens of hundreds of jobs and never hearing back. If you are ever looking for more ways to help your search, our recruiters are a free skillset for you to use! We wish you the best of luck in your job search.