Tips and Tricks for Time Management

Working remotely or doing freelance can have its pros, but it can also have its cons. Getting work done becomes more challenging outside of an office space, so time management has the potential to be a problem. Here are our best tips to keep you on track of your work.


Find out what you’re wasting your time on

The biggest solution to bettering your time management is to find the source of the problem. Whether it’s getting distracted on your phone or scrolling through your facebook feed, take control of what is causing you to be distracted.


Get organized  

The biggest advantage for improving time management is getting your work organized, whether that’s creating a document/excel sheet for the work you have to get done, or to sort what you’re working on to make it easier for you to go back and forth between work. 


Implement a plan

Creating a plan, specifically a schedule of your work, will help you visualize what you need to get done at what time. Sectioning off your work for different parts of the day will help you stay organized, as well as managing your time to get as much work done within a certain timeframe. 


Establish routines

Routines and habits can help you establish ways to stay on top of your work that eventually will feel like second nature. If you create routines to your day, such as managing your schedule, or doing work in a particular order, it will help make it easier to go from one thing to the next. You may even want to set up a schedule like a normal work day, including a sanctioned lunch or break period.


Get a browser blocker

If getting away from distractions is too difficult, there are different applications you can add to your browser to block websites during certain times of the day. That way when you want to get sidetracked, the website will be blocked and it will remind you to focus on your work.