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The Time is Now

The job market for advertising professionals does not equate to the universal job market in this country. Companies are struggling to find talent because candidates are being scooped up left and right, leaving a shallow pool of candidates. As a professional in the world of advertising, it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date with the industry and the market to ensure you are receiving reflective rates and benefits. Here are some of the best ways you can stay top of mind with industry standards and changes. 


Interview even if you currently have a job


One of the most effective, if not the most effective, strategy to get the most education about the advertising industry and the current job market is to apply for available jobs. Even if you are not currently looking to leave your current role, you will learn a few things that will surprise you. 


To start interviewing will help you engage with answering questions and understand what employers are looking for talent. Whether that’s a skill set, specific work experience like agency or pharma, or the ability to answer particular questions, interviewing can only help. 


Another benefit of interviewing is understanding where your job falls within the industry. This can include what salary and benefits are in range for your position. The candidate pool is tight, and the pandemic has made the job search harder, so candidates demand higher salaries and better benefits. Use interviewing to your advantage to help you decide if you are receiving the proper compensation and benefits compared to the current market standards.  


Stay connected with professionals in the industry


Another great way to know to stay in the know is to stay connected with other advertising professionals. Whether that’s via a personal connection or LinkedIn, it is always a good idea to open conversations around industry standards. Comparing compensations is taboo, but there is always a way to ask while beating around the bush.


Speak to professionals looking to switch roles and ask them why they want to move and what reasons are driving them. As a recruiting agency, we can tell you that now is the time to hop on new opportunities, and other professionals in the industry will tell you the same.  


Catch up on blogs and other materials 


If you aren’t interested in interviewing or talking with other professionals, another great way to stay up-to-date is to do your reading. There are dozens of blogs and LinkedIn posts surrounding the current job market that provide valuable information. Once a week, dedicate time to catch up on your reading and educate yourself on the industry standards. 


As a professional in any field, you should always take time to educate yourself and learn more about new changes and patterns in your line of work. You will only become the best at your job if you are taking the time to educate yourself and apply it to your work and career, even if that’s leaving for a higher salary. 


Overall, the job market is in favor of candidates, so do what you can to take advantage of it. Even if you are not interested in switching jobs and climbing up the ladder at this current point in time, do what you can to educate yourself.