woman in a beanie on the phone writing in her notebook.

The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

As we spend more and more time working, it seems that there has to be a trick to high performance over the years. Whether that’s gaining energy through countless cups of coffee or finding the secret ingredient, there have to be tactics that are better than others. Hal Erod discovered the six morning habits that aid in productivity and performance at work.  The six tactics can are known as SAVERS; Silence, Affirm, Visualize, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing. Here is a breakdown of what these elements are and how they are beneficial.




Once we start our day, it’s easy to get distracted by texts, emails, phone calls, and work meetings. It’s vital to appreciate the silence and the stillness of the morning for your mind to stay as focused as possible. 


Elrod recommends starting your day with a simple 10-minute mediation by letting your thoughts flow freely. Sitting with your thoughts will help your mind uncover thoughts and ideas you may not have had if your mind was otherwise distracted.




During your mediation, one of the most beneficial tools you can use is the power of affirmation. When you practice affirmations, you are telling yourself you are going to achieve and reach this said goal. While you are listing your commitments, they should be action-oriented rather than thought-oriented. 


Here is how Elrod recommends you should create affirmations:


1.         Affirm your goal/commitment

2.         Ask yourself why it’s necessary that you achieve this and what it means for you

3.         Focus on the actions it will take to fulfill your affirmation

4.         When are you going to commit to obtaining it?




While you are creating these affirmations, you must visualize yourself obtaining your personal goals. When you envision yourself doing the steps you need to take, it will give you more strength and motivation to reach your goal. 


If you want to start working out though you are hesitant, imagine, and visualize yourself working out. This will help your internal motivation to complete the task, even if you don’t feel like it.




Getting exercise in every day, especially in the morning, will help increase levels of productivity. Exercising in the morning also creates a great start to your morning. Elrod suggests that working out for 60 seconds is enough. He starts his day with stretching, followed by a seven-minute workout. 


Piedmont suggests that working out in the morning is beneficial for five main reasons. The first being that it will help you avoid distractions, the second is that you will reap the mental benefits of working out. The third reason is that it can increase your decision making for healthier choices, the fourth being that you will boost your metabolism, and lastly, you will have a better night’s rest.



Reading in the morning is one of the best ways to learn more information, a good warmup for your mind, and creates healthy habits. You don’t have to commit to reading a book a week, but reading a minimum of 5 pages per day can help you gain these benefits. 


Elrod suggests if you read five pages of a book per day for a month, you could finish a book per month. If you achieve that goal every month, you will have read 12 books in a year.




Writing in your journal every day is a terrific and healthy habit to acquire. Elrod explains his methodology for journaling, which takes only about five minutes. He starts by writing down three things he is grateful for and three goals he wants to accomplish for the day. 


When we focus on our abundance and what we have rather than what we don’t have, it will create a habit of gratitude and mindfulness. Journaling and focusing on your abundance will promote positivity and help you stay focused and productive throughout the day. 


Overall, it might not happen overnight, but building happy and healthy habits in the morning will help anyone become more productive and a more focused worker. If you don’t think you can achieve all seven, start small with a one-morning habit. Once you are confident in your ability to complete one, the rest will fall into place.