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The Impact of Purposeful Marketing

This entire year has been a whirlwind of unpredictable events, and hopes are high now that we are advancing towards a new year. The effects of Covid-19 have destroyed businesses, and they predict thousands of more to close as the virus continues to spread through the United States. Large corporations have turned to purposeful marketing as a helping hand to help those that are struggling to make it through the pandemic. Here we’ll break down what purposeful marketing is, why it works, and outstanding examples of companies giving a helping hand.


What is purposeful marketing?


Purposeful marketing is the act of your brand’s creations and content to be driven around the ideas of moral values and reasoning. In-depth thought and reason of a brand’s values are the focal point of the content they are pushing out and what is valuable to both the brand and their audience.


The act of purposeful marketing has been contagious throughout 2020 because it allows brands to rethink their marketing strategy and focus on what needs to be done. Millions of people have lost their jobs, their homes, and their loved ones this year. Brands are using the misfortune of the pandemic as an opportunity to give back to those in need.




At the start of the pandemic, Bumble, an app notorious for finding a match in relationships, friends, and business partners, was using purposeful marketing to drive their values home. Within the first month of the spread of the coronavirus, Bumble offered small businesses a grant of up to $5,000. Followers on Instagram were helping the brand decide the recipients by voting for the small businesses. 


Feeding America


The organization Feeding America has been experiencing a more intense demand than ever. Feeding America asked large organizations to help meet their high demand, and many companies heard their cry for help. BlackRock pledged $50 million of phased funding to worldwide relief efforts, starting with $23 million to support food banks, frontline workers, and community institutions working directly with vulnerable populations.  They also invited their employees to volunteer at food banks throughout the country.

Another company that opened its arms to Feeding America was American Express. They encouraged their followers to donate to Feeding America and implemented a program for the reward points of cardholders to donate to the organization. American Express pledged to match the donations given, and their goal was $1 million.




As the pandemic worsened and companies had to lay people off, Marriott is one of the companies that fell into that rabbit hole. They were devastated by the number of people they let go and wanted to give back to those in any way they could. To help keep some of its employees on the Marriott team, Marriott put their efforts towards assisting the State of New York by answering unemployment calls. Within weeks they received over 1.4 million claims.  Once unemployment claims were made, Marriott employees were trained to help the State of New York process these claims.


Another way this company initiated help was by making as many accommodations as they could to their hotels. Marriott included keyless room entry and room service accessible via text message to their hotel guests. Marriott has a mission to continue their contact-less hotel services while providing the best and most safe experience.


Overall, this pandemic has caused a lot of heartache and misfortune, but with rain always comes a rainbow. Large brand and corporations are focusing their efforts on their values and morals, which has allowed them to expand their horizons and help in any way imaginable.