The Difference: Front-End and Back-End Developers

It can be hard and confusing to code and design websites and apps. In the world of advertising and design, it can be even harder to differentiate what needs to be done and what tasks get assigned to different roles. Previously, we broke down the difference between UX and UI designers, but now we also need to understand the difference between website and app developers. Here we are breaking down the fundamental differences of front-end and back-end developers and comparing their similarities. 


Front-End Developer 


The front-end developer is responsible for coding the design of the website. What a user can physically see on the website/app is coded by the front-end developers. They work closely with both UI designers and back-end developers to layout, format, and design the look and feel of the website or app. 


Coding languages and programs that front-end developers most commonly use are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. Each program has a specific function, such as coding the colors and fonts or designing the actual layout of the website/app. A great way of explaining a front-end developer is by associating them as the “interior designer” of the webpage. They are coding the physical and visual aesthetics that will interact with the users. 


Back End Developer


Now you’re probably confused as to what the back-end developer is. This job focuses on creating the structure and foundation for the website or the app. Without foundation laid out, there would be no front-end developer because they would have nowhere to create their layouts and designs. Think of it as a house. The back-end developer is the construction worker laying the foundation and building the actual structure of the house. The front-end developer is the interior designer once the home is built. 


The back-end developer needs to understand the skillset and coding languages and programs of a front-end developer along with their own. Back-end developers use coding languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and .Net and other applications like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server for saving and keeping data. Back-end developers not only need to understand the functions of more languages and codes, but they need to be able to work closely with data. 


 Parts of a whole


Although front-end and back-end developers have two different jobs entirely, they need one another to function. Without the back-end developer, the front-end developer wouldn’t be able to create the overall vision and designs that the client wants. On the other side, the front-end developer wouldn’t be able to function without the back-end developer because, without a structure and foundation, there would be no website or app. 


Both roles require extensive knowledge in coding languages and programs that will allow them to create their content. A thorough understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery is essential for both front-end and back-end developers in their day-to-day work and tasks.