an older woman preparing to interview a candidate

The Best Tool to Use in an Interview

Every person that has been/will interview for a job will want to know the secret ingredient to winning over the interviewer. We hate to break the news – there is no trick, potion, or secret ingredient to nail the interview, but there are plenty of things you can do to set yourself up for success. 


The interviewer is looking to see if the candidate has the skillset and experience to fit the role. The ability to perform in the role is crucial, but most interviewers do not talk about cultural fit being a key factor.


To many, company culture sounds like a lot of nonsense. In reality, a personality fit could make or break your likeability to get the job. Companies take note of your personality, ability to work in group settings, and social skills just as much as your experience and your technical skills.


To run a team successfully, the individuals need to be on the same page about their perspectives and personalities to work harmoniously. As a staffing agency, we understand that not all people will click, and not every person gets along, but interviewers are looking to see if a candidate will match the company culture. 


Being said, if companies are weighing in personalities similarly to a candidate’s skill set, then you should use your personality to your advantage. For an interviewer to truly grasp who you are as a person, they need to evaluate if you will fit well within the company. 


The best tool you can use in an interview is yourself. If you are a witty friend, crack a joke. If you are a natural-born leader, use that to your advantage. Even if you are sociable, find a connection with the interviewer and show them how friendly and engaging you are. 


Not every person is the same, especially within a company, so do not be afraid to let the interviewers see your personality and who you are as a person. Your uniqueness and individuality will get you the job over trying to conform to fit a standard. 


If a company comes back from an interview and relays the news that you are not a cultural fit, do not be discouraged. It is a blessing in disguise because you want to work for a company where you get along with individuals. Working with individuals you do not get along with is unbearable, and many professionals will leave their jobs for a better cultural fit. 


Overall, use your personality to your advantage! No one will ever be you, and that is worth more valuable than your work experience or skills when it comes down to the right candidate. We hope you use this tool well, and we wish you the best of luck on your job hunt.