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The Best Tips to Improve Your Job Search


When you’re searching for a job, it always feels like it is not them; it is you. In many cases, it is you. Not because you’re not qualified enough for the job, but because there are small things you can do to change the likability of you getting the job. The job searching journey can be defeating and feel endless, but there are dozens of free resources and tips you can use to better your chances of being chosen out of a pile of resumes. 


Do your research


One of the best pieces of advice we can lend to you from recruiter to candidate is research companies on LinkedIn. Job postings are helpful but if you are looking for a specific job at a company, do a little online searching. Search and find people that recently left that company because chances are they will be looking to hire for that position. 


Another great way to find open positions at companies is to stay up to date with business media outlets. There are always reports and articles on companies that recently let people go or are looking to hire. Take advantage of this information and wiggle your way into the company by applying and messaging the hiring managers about new positions.  


We are a free resource


The biggest misconception that people have about staffing agencies is that it will cost you. The cat’s out of the bag; we are an entirely free service for you to use at your disposal. We do not take any portion of your income, and we paid through a private contract with our clients. 


That means that getting tips on your resume, being sent straight to the hiring manager, interview tips, and negotiating advice are given freely at your will. We want you to get the job just as badly as you want the job. Working with a recruiter will be the most beneficial practice when applying to jobs because of free resources and selling your skills to the client. 


Clients trust judgment of candidates from recruiters and are drawn to candidates that are chosen meticulously by a recruiter. Another tip is if you are looking to use a recruiter, do not apply on your own. Once you submit your application independently, a recruiter can no longer help you in the process. Put your faith into staffing services, and we will help you more than you think. 


It’s not about what you know, it is about who you know


In the world of communications, this is the most valuable piece of advice you will receive. You can have every skill set under your belt, but it is about your connections. Reach out to people you know and ask if there are openings at their company. Chances are some positions are not posted on job boards, and they are looking to fill based on references. 


The most common way to get a job is by having a reference to a company. Similar to how recruiters work, hiring managers are more likely to interview and hire an individual when referenced. There will always be a better chance of a candidate getting the job when they have a connection with someone in the company. Use your connections to your advantage and market yourself. 


Overall, the job search is not an easy, breezy experience. There are dozens of trials and tribulations and starting again from scratch. Do not give up, and know that there are plenty of resources out there to help you find the perfect fit. We wish you the best of luck in your job search!