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The Best Tips for Virtual Interviews

Remote and hybrid work environments are becoming the new normal, and with that comes virtual interviews. The beginning of the interview process is relatively similar across the board. Whether you are speaking with a recruiter or a hiring manager, the initial conversation will be a phone or video screening. The interviewer will want to learn more about your experience, skillset, salary, and what kind of opportunity you are looking for. 


The next round of interviews will be more invasive, asking specific questions about your experience, skillset, and ability to perform. For temp-to-hire and permanent positions, the amount and length of the interviews will be longer if you are interviewing for a more senior role. 


When you are interviewing virtually for both a phone screening or a final round interview, it is necessary to have the proper interview etiquette. There is always a possibility you will not be considered for the position based on your performance in the interview, even if it has nothing to do with your ability to do your job. Here are some of the best interview tips for virtual interviews.  


Check your internet speed


One of the most frustrating moments is when you are lagging in a video call, and the person on the receiving end cannot understand you, especially if it’s in an interview. Before any interview you have virtually, we recommend that you check your internet speed and prepare your technology. 


Double-check that the software you are interviewing on is working and that both your camera and microphone are working. Although you cannot control technological issues, you may look unprepared to the interviewer if there are problems on your end of the call. Do your best to prepare yourself to have a smooth-sailing interview. 


Always put your camera on 


When a recruiter, hiring manager, or interviewer says the interview will be an audio call or a video call based on preference, always do the video call. The point of the interview is for the individual to get an understanding of who you are. That includes how you look, talk, and present yourself. 


As much as we don’t want to judge and compare, that is the job of recruiters and hiring managers. The client has a specific want and need, and it is the job of this person to find the best skillset and cultural fit. Show up to the interview 100% ready and put your camera on for the video.  


Stay focused and away from distractions


One of the most challenging parts of interviewing via video chat is the distractions. When you are interviewing or working from home, you have distractions of roommates, significant others, children, pets, etc. It can be challenging to find a quiet spot to focus, but it is necessary for success in an interview. 


Look into your webcam, not your reflection


A huge difference you can make in the performance of your interview is to make direct eye contact. Being that it is a virtual interview, you are probably wondering how you can make eye contact virtually. 


When you are video chatting, it is human nature to focus on our reflection and study our body language and mannerisms. If you want to make the most out of a virtual interview, refrain from focusing on your reflection and look directly into the webcam. Looking at the webcam gives the illusion that you are making eye contact with the interviewer.    


You will regret not asking a question


At the end of an interview, the recruiter/hiring manager/interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Our advice is to ask a question, no matter what you want to ask. 


When you ask a question at the end of your interview, it shows your interest in the company. It also will show your interest in the interviewer and overall commitment to the role. You can ask questions about company culture, benefits, or daily tasks. Asking a question will give you and the interviewer better insight into your relationship with the company. 


Give a proper thank you 


At the end of your interview, remember to give a proper thank you to the interviewer. Do not forget to follow up after the interview within 24 hours with a thank you note for the interviewer. Not only will this keep you top of mind, but it will show your interest in the role. 


Overall, we understand interviews are never easy. We hope that these virtual interview tips will help you in your upcoming interview.