Sparking Creativity When Working from Home

As companies are beginning to work remotely for a span of time, it can become stuffy and boring at home, especially if you’re stuck inside without much to do. Working from home has its benefits, but it can become mundane. For those who work in a creative field, it’s important to stay creative, but when given these obstacles, it can be hard to get out of a rut. Here are a few tips to spark creativity when cooped up at home.


Do something different 

Being stuck at home may leave you stuck in a cyclical schedule. Even if it’s just a small activity, doing something you’ve never done before can spark creativity you never knew was there. Whether it’s learning how to code online or rearranging your furniture, doing something out of your ordinary schedule can help reset your thoughts.



Whether you’re reading the news, reading articles on LinkedIn, or picking up a book, it is important to read to stimulate new ideas. When reading, you are taking in new information from a new perspective, which is a great way to start thinking differently. Learning and understanding new perspectives is essential for creativity, so take time to read a little bit every day.



When working in a creative field, it can be hard to foster new ideas. Merely jotting down ideas on a piece of paper will help you get ideas out of your head that you didn’t think were there. Whether you’re creating a map or drawing out ideas, it’s important to brainstorm to create new ideas and concepts.  


Invest in a side hobby 

Instead of thinking long and hard about your next idea, distract these thoughts and focus on a hobby or a project. When focusing on a project, such as cooking a complicated meal, or designing a thrifted piece of clothing, focusing your energy on a project entirely helps the rest of your brain reset, especially when you feel like you’re in a rut. 



Although it may not be the best idea to go to the gym during the virus outbreak, one of the best ways to get new blood pumping into your brain is by exercising. Not only will it distract your mind from being in a rut, but your body will release endorphins that will spark creativity. The easiest way to exercise from home is following along with a YouTube video so you can pick and follow along with workouts that work best for you.