Now is the Time to Ask for a Raise

Have you been thinking about asking your boss for a raise? Take this as your sign to ask. 


We are amid the Great Resignation, turned the Great Change, and talent will continue to have the upper hand in the job market, including those currently employed. The pandemic shifted the job market to be favorable towards employees because it allowed them to recognize a make or break about a job. 


Along with the Great Resignation, the rise of inflation has a major impact on the job market. Candidates have begun to ask for more money because of the Great Resignation, but inflation is now an added factor. 


Individuals interviewing at a company are taking the 7%+ growing increase in inflation over the past year. They understand their worth and include the rise of inflation in their salaries. For those looking for a new job, now is the time to have an advantage in this job market. However, those not looking for a new job will not always reap these benefits. 


Companies should be doing their part to give inflation-based raises, along with performance-based raises, to their employees. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality. If you are an employee and notice your salary is not giving you affordability like before due to inflation, we suggest you propose a salary increase to your boss.


We empathize with how frightening it can be to suggest you deserve a raise, but we promise you are in the right for doing so. It should be the company’s responsibility to offer an inflation-based raise, and if they’re not, you should. If you aren’t going to receive a raise, then you have to be proactive because chances are you will never receive the raise if you don’t ask. 


You can start the conversation by asking your boss to have a meeting. Once you have the meeting, have statistics prepared about inflation, the Great Resignation, and how your salary does not represent your position and experience on the job market. 


Allow them time to review the information you send them, and more times than not, they will offer a raise. If you need help, assistance, or advice, our team is always available to offer help and guidance. We wish you the best of luck, and we hope you get that raise!