two young professionals working at a table together

Networking Tips for Introverts

Working in the communications industry, networking is inevitable. Whether its social events in your field, or workshop and information sessions, networking and meeting people in the industry comes with the job. For introverts, it may be hard to start a conversation with a lot of strangers. Here are some tips and tricks to feel more comfortable when socializing at events. 


Be Present 

The most nerve-wracking part about going to networking events is worrying about who to talk to and starting that first conversation. Your biggest critic is you, so instead of letting your nerves and your thoughts get the best of you, try to stay as present as possible. The more present you are, the less your thoughts will get in the away, letting your inner confidence shine through. 


Shared Interests 

If you see a person you want to have a conversation with, but you don’t know where to start, begin the conversation by introducing yourself and talk about where you work and what you do. Chances are you both are in the same field and can talk about your interests in the communications industry, new insights, and how you feel about campaigns and other communication related topics in the media. 



The best way to feel the most comfortable talking to strangers at networking events is to join a group conversation. This is an advantage because you can listen to many people talking at once and it gives you a greater amount of people that you can network with. Group conversations is the perfect way to advantage if you feel more comfortable listening rather than talking.