a black woman smiling while working from home

Keeping Company Culture When WFH

Working from home has created better lives for employees, and it doesn’t seem like there is any turning back. The work-from-home life has employees no commute, more time to themselves, flexible work hours, and more freedom and trust. Even though these perks sound amazing, companies are navigating the culture of remote work. 


One of the most significant drawbacks of remote work is keeping the company culture alive. Once you only interact with your colleagues virtually through a screen, it becomes more challenging to keep the collective whole. It started with Zoom happy hours, but let’s be real, we’re all over them. Here are some of the best ways to keep a thriving company culture when working from home. 


Create themed group messages


One of the best ways to keep employees engaged and communicating with one another is to make themed messaging groups. Themed group chats work well, especially in larger companies, because employees can bond over their hobbies and niche interests. 


These themed chats can be about virtually anything – sports, finances, music, movies/TV shows, LGBTQA+, POC, pop culture. We have found that the more niche the groups, the better engagement there is. For example, instead of a TV show group chat, dedicate chats to fan favorites, like Game of Thrones or the Marvel Universe in place of movies. 


Send meaningful/useful gifts, not company swag


Another fantastic way for your employees to feel a part of the company culture is to send gifts. Companies mistake giving gifts as giving their swag, and this is not the same. It is nice to receive a piece of merch from your company every once in a while, but it eventually gets old. 


Some ideas of meaningful gifts could be a house plant for your home office, a book related to your field of work, a gift card to a coffee shop, or anything that could be useful for employees working from home. The more specific, the more appreciation, but we understand that it can be hard to customize every gift. 


Organize a virtual game 


One of the most challenging ways to keep company culture alive, but a very effective way, is to organize a company-wide game. There are many games you can organize for your employees. Some games you can play are two truths and a lie, guessing baby pictures, and a company-themed Kahoot. 


Along with all of these options, the more effort you put in, the more employees will appreciate it. Employees can tell when the company culture is forced rather than being welcomed. Make it known to your employees that you are appreciated, and make a constant effort for employees to feel included, especially when working remotely.