a work from home office set up.

Is WFH Better for Innovation?

Working from home has changed the job market, how companies hire and source, and how the structure of companies and workdays look. Creatives no longer live in hubs of large cities, now companies are sourcing around the nation and the world. 

Before the age of remote work and well, the pandemic, companies were only interested in hiring individuals that were living within a commutable distance. To source a large number of talented professionals, companies had to be strategic about where they placed their headquarters based on the population.


On the other side, professionals flocked to large cities like New York City, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, etc., for these types of opportunities. Even if individuals did not already live in those areas, it was common for professionals to relocate for a position.

Back to the present, instead of companies sourcing from large cities, they can source talent from any geographic location. Even if the headquarters for a company is in NYC, all an employee needs is a working computer with a WiFi connection. 

One of the greatest strengths companies have from sourcing nationally is hiring individuals from all walks of life. For innovation, especially in advertising and marketing, the more creative and unique the individual, the opportunity for greater ideas to be born. 

When employees work remotely, they can fit in more time for hobbies and things they enjoy. Whether they live in Colorado and love to go skiing and snowboarding, or they love exploring and hiking outdoors, innovation is born from passion.


We understand to produce good work, individuals need to work hard, but if employees are stressed, unhappy, and cannot pursue personal passions, how can they show up and be the best and most hardworking version of themselves?

Giving your employees more personal freedom and allowing them to work remotely or have flexible schedules will result in better work and more innovation. Better ideas can blossom from creating more experiences, happiness, and a clear head.

If you are considering when your company should return to the office, rethink that idea. Remote work is not always suitable for every industry and position, but if you are looking for innovative ideas, you need to be open to new possibilities.