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Is Agency Work A Must in Advertising?

In the world of advertising, there has been a continuous battle between in-house and agency life. In-house stacks up compared to agency work because of its ability to be hands-on with a brand and the upper-hand when making an important decision. For the latter, agencies are known for the hustle and bustle, churning through brands and prioritizing work over personal time. Is one better than the other? Are you a better candidate if you have agency experience? Let’s find out.


Client > Everything


When you work for an agency, no matter how long or for what agency you work for, the client’s say is the end all be all. Compared to in-house, you do not get to make executive decisions on the brand and the strategy. Instead, you have to execute everything the client wants without and if, and, or buts.


Your time management skills come into play because every client needs to feel like the most important client, even though you are working for multiple clients at a time. To keep up with agency work, this means you are good enough creative, you have the time management skills, and the ability to make every client happy. When applying for other jobs, they will look for these valuable skills.


The Grind


When you apply for a full-time job in advertising, you probably think you are signing up for a 9-5. For in-house positions, that is the golden number, and agencies will tell you they run 9-5, but do not believe them for a minute.


Working for an agency requires you to grind and always be available, no matter the time. If the client needs something done last minute, it is your responsibility to stop everything and get it done. Although this sounds rather tragic, it puts you in a position to show your work ethic and that you can get the job done.


Always judge a portfolio by the cover


When hiring managers and recruiters looking through applicant’s portfolios, they will judge and compare your work to others. They are looking for the most talented person that can harness all of the required skills.


Working at an agency will allow you to work on game-changing campaigns and top-tier brands. Every day may be a rise and grind, but an agency portfolio will almost always outshine an in-house portfolio.


Overall, you do not need agency work to be successful in the world of advertising. Agency life may seem like the end all be all for a prosperous career. There are dozens of successful professionals that work in-house. That said, if you are new to the industry and you are looking to catapult your career, agency work may be right for you.