How to Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile in 5 Easy Steps

coworkers looking at phone screens

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Here are five easy steps for updating your LinkedIn profile.


Customize your URL 

This step may seem simple, and it is. Having a customized URL increases your odds of appearing in LinkedIn searches. To edit your URL, go to your profile and click “Edit public profile and URL” and add your desired changes. Instead of having /johndoe061119, you can simply make it /johndoe. 


Keep your Profile and Header up-to-date Having a recent photo is essential to a good LinkedIn profile. Employers want to see up-to-date, professional pictures. A quality headshot can go a long way. Also, having a relevant header catches the eye of anyone viewing your page. Pick something relevant to what you do. If you’re a graphic designer, perhaps showcase some of your work. If you’re on the more business side like an account director, look for stock photos of an office space. Pick something that’s going to be eye-catching and relevant for the work you do. 


 Update your Headline 

Your headline should be a shortened version of your elevator pitch. It should be simple and straight to the point. Instead of only putting your job title, add details that help you stand out. Think about listing your experience level and skills that others in your field may not have. For example, instead of listing yourself as a “Proofreader” elaborate by describing yourself as a “Proofreader with 8 years of experience for advertising agencies.”


Have a List of Relevant Skills 

While you may have a lot of skills to choose from, be judicious about what skills you’re adding to your LinkedIn profile. Having a solid list of endorsed skills can help you appear well-rounded to employers. Deleting common skills like “Microsoft Office” and “Leadership” can help your job specific skills stand out. Skills should speak to what is important to you specifically. If you’re a creative designer, listing “Adobe Suite” as an endorsed skill would be more relevant.


Delete Meaningless Buzzwords 

Buzzwords seem like they would be helpful for a profile, but almost everyone tries to use them. Words like “creative,” “specialized,” and “focused” may describe how you feel about your work, but it doesn’t show exactly how that sets you apart. Don’t be afraid to add examples of your work to your profile. Telling a story or using something short and sweet is a great way to start a description. Play around with it and see what works for you. Instead of saying you’re a “passionate web designer” maybe start by saying “A great website is the foundation for great branding” and tell your story.


The main goal of revitalizing your LinkedIn profile is to make sure that employers get a holistic view of who you are as a professional. Doing maintenance every few weeks can help you appear higher in searches, and may land you your next job.