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How to Land Your Dream Job

“You’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love.” We spend most of our adult years working, approximately 1/3 of our entire life, which comes down to about 90,000 hours. It’s crucial to find what work will be the most meaningful to you and what career will bring you happiness. For many, this may take years to figure out, but if you’re lucky, it can be an easy decision. The easiest part is understanding what career will be the most meaningful to you. The hard part is putting that into fruition. Here are our favorite tips to help you land your dream job and experience infinite happiness within your career. 


Manifest your goals


Although some may not believe in the power of manifestations, its ideals and practices are beneficial for setting and achieving goals. Manifesting is the power of putting your objections into fruition, whether that’s through your thoughts or putting your goals in writing. 


If you have a dream job or have a company in mind you would like to work for, make that your goal to achieve. Write down your exact intentions and be as specific as possible. Put into writing the steps you will need to achieve this goal and the process it will take to get there. Doing this will help you keep your goals in the back of your mind and jumpstart your mission at completing your goals. 


Another great way to help in the manifestation process is to keep this goal in your consciousness. It’s important to keep this goal this goal at the top of your mind as something to think about every now and then. Give yourself daily reminders that you want to achieve this goal and what steps it will take to get there. Keeping mental space for this goal is going to help you make your goal attainable. 


Stalk on LinkedIn


One of the best ways to get in touch with contacts that are related to your dream job or your dream company is to connect with them on LinkedIn. Do some digging and find the hiring managers at the company, other individuals at the company that would be in the same department as you, and anyone else you think could help you in your journey. 


Make the next step, and after connecting, send them a message. Tell your new connection that you admire their work/ the company they work for, and you want to chat about their journey and experience. Once you establish a deeper than surface-level connection with someone at the company or someone in a similar role as you, consistently check in with them. Checking in with them will help you to stay salient on their mind, and you will be one of the first people they think of when a position at their company opens.    


Understand your value


The best way you can go about achieving your dreams is to understand where you will fit within the company. Research their current staff and what active roles they have posted. Researching the role/company will give you an understanding of what type of open jobs the company currently has. 


Apprehend what skills of yours will be valuable for the position or the company. Market yourself based on your skill set and how these skills will be worthwhile. If a company is going to hire you for a new job, give them a reason to hire you. Bring your skills to the table and show them proof of your ability to perform. 


Craft a story


Based on your ability to sell market yourself, craft a story that will help you show off your skills. Storytelling is one of the best ways to convey communication, and it has been used for thousands of years. Use this ancient technique to your advantage and formulate a story that will put you at an advantage. 


At your interview, find the perfect time to tell the interviewers a story of when your skills helped you. Whether that’s in a time of defeat or when you prevailed, it’s crucial to explain how your skills helped you in a situation. Use storytelling to make you a protagonist and use your skills as a tool that helped you come out victorious. 


Overall, have an open mind when it comes to your dream career at your favorite company. Unfortunately, you will not achieve your goals overnight. Be patient. It could take years and hundreds of connections to finally lead yourself down the right path. We have faith in your ability to reach for the stars, and we hope that your dreams come true!