How to Handle A Rescinded Job Offer

It may seem that the Great Resignation is coming to a halt due to dozens of large companies laying off employees. Although it is not confirmed yet by President Biden, some economists believe we are in a recession. With hopes to avoid a loss in revenue and keep businesses afloat, companies have taken precautions, such as laying off employees or rescinding offer letters of future employees.

It can be challenging to bounce back from a rescinded offer letter for many reasons, but it can be easy to feel lost when you have already given your notice at your current job to leave for a new opportunity. If you are in this situation currently, here is some advice to help manage and move forward from a rescinded offer letter.

Take time to grieve

One of the more challenging aspects of a revoked offer letter is the emotional stress that can come with it. You are probably having feelings of anger, frustration, maybe a lack of confidence in your skills, etc.

Whatever you are feeling is normal and valid, and you should take the necessary time to process your emotions and grieve from the frustration, anger, and agony this may have caused.

Take 2-3 days, even a week, if need be, to help you bounce back and continue your job search.

Assess your current situation

Realistically there are two options to choose from when moving forward. Either you can reassess your relationship with your employer for the company you were planning on leaving. If you think the relationship is mendable and would be open to continuing work there, you always have the option to return.

The second choice would be to start from scratch and continue your job search again. This process can be long and frustrating, but if you are looking for a better opportunity, this may be the route to take.

Reach out to your network

The saying it’s not about what you know; it is about who you know goes a long way. The power of your personal and online connections may be the perfect way to help you in a rough situation.

We recommend reaching out to your connections to explain your situation and see if they know of any openings that would be a fit. Another way to help gain traction is to take to social media.

Take the time to write a post on LinkedIn or Facebook and explain your situation in a professional manner. If you decide to post on social media, we recommend being aware of your rhetoric and tone. Instead of creating a negative/sad tone, try to write about facing a challenge head-on and needing assistance to help you through this.

We can guarantee your personal connections, recruiters, and hiring managers will be more than happy to help you in your situation.

Get in touch with a recruiter

If you feel lost and are unsure who to reach out to or could use a little more assistance, we recommend recruiters as some of the most helpful individuals. The job of a recruiter is to help you find the perfect fit, and there are still hundreds of open positions on the market.

If you are either a creative in advertising/marketing or a legal professional, we at Clutch would love to help you find a new position at a company you love. We are a free resource at your disposal.

We hope this advice will help you bounce back from hardships in your career, and please do not hesitate to reach out for additional advice or career guidance! We wish you the best of luck.