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How to Get Your Foot-in-the-Door When Applying for A Job

It takes a lot of work to apply for a job, and it has not been any easier during a pandemic. From curating a personal portfolio to crafting your resume and writing cover letters, there are many elements that go into applying for a job. Submitting your credentials doesn’t guarantee your spot in the interview stage of the hiring process. It can feel frustrating that you don’t have control of the situation. Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting an interview. 


Apply on the company’s website


LinkedIn has become one of the most, if not the most, popular websites and social media platforms for posting jobs and cultivating professional connections. LinkedIn makes it simple for its users to apply for a position by using their user portfolio in their application and adding personal credentials. 


The problem with applying through LinkedIn is that recruiters and hiring managers may neglect to sort through the candidates that apply. Companies have a job application portal on their website and will check their platform before checking LinkedIn. It doesn’t hurt to apply for the job both on their website and LinkedIn but always apply for the job through their website before you consider LinkedIn. 


Get in touch with a recruiter


The best way to guarantee a spot in the first round of interviews is to connect with a recruiter. Before you even think about applying for the job, get in touch with a recruiter in the area of expertise and see if they have connections to that company/department. 


If you apply directly through the recruiter, you go straight to the hiring manager instead of sitting in a stack of resumes. Unfortunately, if you already applied for a position, there is little a recruiter can do to sell you to the hiring manager.


Take your time and connect with recruiters on LinkedIn that specialize in your industry and are located where you would like to work. Chances are they have connections where you want to apply. Recruiters want you to place you at a job just as badly as you want the job. 


Connect with employees working at the company on LinkedIn


If you recently applied for a position, or are interested in the company, connect with the hiring managers and other employees that are actively working at the company. Bonus points if they work in your department. 


Send them a message in your connection invitation and ask them if they have time available to answer a few questions or chat about the company. Most likely, they will respond to your message. You can hop on a call with them or keep it casual and message them questions. 


When the hiring manager sees your application, you will have a better chance of being considered for the role and selected for the first round of interviews. Even if they do not consider you, it is still beneficial to make that connection. After all, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.  


Call the company with interest in the position 


If you are dying to get a specific job/work for a particular company, you can take the networking a step further than LinkedIn. You can call the hiring manager directly. When you cold-call the manager, this will exemplify your confidence and wanting to work at the company. 


Not only will your name be at the top of their mind for this role or future related roles, but calling them on the phone and talking about the position can be looked at as a ‘pre-interview’. Now you have had a conversation with them about the job. Meaning, you learned more about the company and the role, and they learned about you and your background. 


When calling, stay consistent, whether that’s once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. The hiring manager will begin to expect calls from you, and they will know your level of interest. 


Overall, it can feel frustrating and nerve-wracking to apply for a job, especially during a pandemic. You may have limited control over your selection within the hiring process, but these few tips will help in that process. We wish you the best of luck in your search for a new job, and we hope these tips find you well!