How to Conduct the Best Virtual Interview

Now that we are almost entirely virtual when working remotely from home, virtual working and learning are going to be the new norm. Less personal communication between a team also means face to face interviews are going to become extinct compared to virtual interviews. With social distancing and the easy spread of COVID-19 from person to person, virtual interviews have become essential for companies that are still looking to hire new talent. The new process of a virtual interview can feel scary, especially for those that have always conducted interviews in person, but here is a step-by-step guide to making yourself and the person you’re interviewing feel comfortable.


Communication is 🔑

One of the biggest issues that are the product of technology is a lack of communication. Now that we have a limited ability to talk face-to-face, we have to learn how to adapt by communicating through our laptops and phones. For those that are not used to relying heavily on technology to communicate, this can be a hard transition.


When communicating with talent, it’s important to make sure they receive an invitation for the interview and that they confirm. When both parties confirm the time and place of the interview, it will lead towards the direction of success. Some of the best ways to invite talent for an interview is by creating a calendar event, that way both parties can see a visual confirmation and you’ll receive a notification around the time of the interview.


Get your tech in check 🖥

The most common issue with virtual issues is solely out of our control; our technology. You can never tell when your computer is going to require you to shut down for an update. About an hour before your interview download/log onto the video conference platform and check if your laptop is up to date, and if your camera and microphone are working properly. It’s truly an embarrassing feeling to have your technology not work mid-video conference (I think we’ve all experienced this before), so be sure to check your technology!


One of the most popular programs that are being used to host virtual video conferences is Zoom. If you use this platform, be sure to make an account before the required meeting and send your meeting details/invitation to the talent in your initial invitation. This will also give the person you’re interviewing the ability to check their tech before logging on.


Dress the part 👔

Although the interview is conducted online, it is still important to dress the part and properly represent your company. If you are working from home you might wake up every morning and work in the pajamas you slept in the night before, but it’s important to set standards for the talent you are interviewing. Even if your company’s dress attire is “business casual”, it’s important to fit that script. It may seem difficult to navigate the societal norms of working from home, but it’s important to keep values like dressing nicely a standard for not only yourself but the potential future employees.


Be present 🎧

The hardest part about interviewing from home are the distractions. In an office setting, you would have a private area to talk directly to the talent, but there are many distractions when working from home like kids, pets, and significant others. Before the time of the interview, set up a space that is private and away from distractions. Politely tell your S.O. or your kids that you need privacy for this interview, and that will help in aiding your privacy.


Headphones are one of the most essential tools to conduct an interview, especially if they’re noise canceling. Only being able to hear yourself and the person you’re are interviewing will eliminate your focus on distractions and help you to stay present at the moment.