How to Boost Your Resume

When applying for a job, one of the hardest areas to conquer is figuring out how to stand out against your peers and your competition. In the field of advertising, there are many different skills that can enhance your abilities as a professional, whether you are a graphic designer or a media planner. It is important to show a company that you have different skills and abilities in each part of advertising to show versatility and that you want to learn and grow in the industry. Here are a few ways to boost your resume to win the job. 


Canva Design School 

Canva is one of the greatest tools to create designs, logos, social media posts, presentations, and proposals. A certification in Canva’s Design School will ensure your future employer that you have an eye for creativity and can create any form of visuals that they may need.  


Google Ad Words Certification 

Google Ad Words it the best certification to obtain to prove your understanding of both organic and paid search. This certification helps you understand the world of online search engines, how they work, and what keywords will bring the most optimal results. 


Google Analytics Certification 

The Google Analytics Certification will show a future employer that you have the abilities to track a business/company’s campaign through Google Analytics. The skills on Google Analytics consist of understanding behaviors/demographics, website traffic, and what/how to draw consumers to your services. 


Hubspot Social Media Marketing Certification

HubSpot’s certification for social media is an important certificate that will show future employers your level of understanding about social media. Once you obtain this certification, you will know how to make a social media page successful and you will know how to use social media successfully to advertise to company’s target audience.

LinkedIn Learning Sessions 

LinkedIn offers a plethora of learning sessions to master different skills and areas in the field of advertising. If an employer sees some of these sessions mastered on your resume, they will know you are passionate about learning and that you want to know as much as you can within your field of expertise.