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How to Be Successful in Digital and Social Media Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has surprisingly not hindered the recruiting business, with dozens of jobs coming in every week. The most popular jobs that we are getting in are social media managers and paid social media managers. Businesses are switching from traditional advertising like television, outdoor, print, etc., and are transitioning to digital advertising on social media and Google. It can be hard to break into the space of digital advertising and content creation, so here are our best resources to help you succeed as a social media or a paid social media marketer.


Creating, planning, and posting


Let’s be honest; everyone thinks they can be a social media manager. If you have a social media account, you think you can pick up the gist of it, but a lot more time, thought, energy, and skill go into being a social media manager.


One of the most valuable skills you need as a social media manager is to create relevant and trendy content. You need to keep up with trends and post that trendy content for your brand(s). This means you need to be well-versed and constantly up-to-date on all social media platforms and have the ability to create content.


For example, on TikTok, you need to keep up with the daily trends and make video content and engage with users to make your content go viral. On the other hand, for Instagram, you need to post to your feed, stories, Reels, and IGTV, engage with your audience and create content. Whether that’s taking pictures for your page or using Photoshop/InDesign and Canva, you need to do it all.


Once you create content, you need to organize all of your content and schedule the posts based on research for the best time for overall engagement. This is tricky and takes time to learn when your audience is the most active.




Most Social Media professionals are becoming required to be versed in SEO, SEM, and PPC. Although this is outside of the wheelhouse of social media and content creation, it is relevant for all digital marketing professionals to be versed in these forms.


SEO is a backend use of keywords to attract people to your website organically. You can do this by using alt text on images, keywords used in meta text and descriptions, etc. Digital marketers and social media managers need to understand how SEO works and best practices.,


The next form of digital marketing that is necessary for professionals is SEM. This form of media is paid and used throughout the internet on Google and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


SEM is the most closely related form of digital media relevant to social media marketing because of the paid content and promotion you create on these platforms. You need to understand the audience types, what type of content they are looking for, how much money to spend on campaigns, etc.


The last form of digital advertising you need to be well-versed in is PPC, which stands for pay-per-click. This form of advertising is commonly used on Google Ads. You will create a campaign and a budget, and the client will pay for the advertisement based on bids and the number of clicks it gets.


Overall, the world of advertising is forever changing and transitioning, and professionals need to move as the industry does. The role of a social media manager and a digital marketer has begun to morph into one, meaning professionals need to pick up all of these skills. The next time you apply for one of these positions, make sure you qualify and have these skills under your belt.