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How A Junior Designer Made It Big in Philadelphia

Now that the election is a couple of weeks behind us, we can finally process all that happened. From rumors of voting fraud to fake ballot boxes, it seemed like it would never end. Although the election seemed like a vicious cycle of never-ending chaos, there were many moments to be celebrated. One moment, in particular, was pivotal for Katie Fish, a currently Temple University Student. 


Who is Katie Fish?


For the 2020 Presidential and the general election, the city of Philadelphia offered its residents the possibility to design the “I Voted” sticker. Across the rest of the nation, the sticker is the same; a white background with an American flag that reads “I Voted”. 


The city of Philadelphia is known for its creativity and its well-versed art scene. Opening this competition to the common people of the city was a great way to allow ordinary people to have a say in the creative process of a revolutionary election. 


The drawing for the “I Voted” sticker had over 150 submissions, all with people from different backgrounds and creative platforms. A panel of judges had the honor of choosing the winner, Temple University’s student, Katie Fish. Katie was the projected the winner with about 18% of the overall vote. 


Junior is never too junior


Not only is this opportunity momentous for Katie, but it proves that no matter how junior you may be, that does not take away your ability as both an artist and as a professional in the world of design. 


It can be discouraging as a junior designer applying for jobs to see the constant years of experience needed for a position. In the world of advertising and design, you will only get experience if you previously had experience. You can have as much talent in your pinky as a creative director has in their entire career, but you can be denied the job for not having enough previous experience. 


It can be frustrating and hard to pick yourself back up, but if anything, take this lesson away from you. No matter how junior you may be in a position, never let that define you. 

Talent, handwork, and perseverance could be the difference between you an offer for a position. 


On election day many dreams came true. For the American people, for Katie Fish, and junior designers out there. Dreams were no longer a figment of imagination; they became a reality. Never give up on your passions and continue to pursue your dreams into a career. If you are looking to make a career out of your passions, you’ve come to the right place. Reach out to us today for all jobs in the creative advertising field; we have a perfect match.