Hot Creative Jobs in 2023

As we approach the holiday season, the job market and hiring processes will slow down until 2023. At the start of any new year and Q1, companies and employees begin a new search in the job market.

It is common to see a new job search begin at the start of the new year for companies because budgets will adjust with the new year. In Q4, budgets are often much smaller, hence the need for freelance work. After evaluating the spending and cost of the previous year, companies are more able to assess budgets for new hires in positions.

A similar situation is in play for employees. At the end of the year, it is common for businesses to give an end-of-the-year bonus. If employees are unhappy at a job, they will stick around for the bonus and begin their search for a new position in the new year.

As a staffing agency specializing in creative advertising and marketing positions, we have a good understanding of the market and the types of roles that will be popular in the job market. Here are the jobs we believe will be hot on the market in 2023.

Digital Media

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the most in-demand roles on the market involve Digital Media. As the digital world continues to evolve and target audiences spending time online, the most desirable jobs are the following:

Digital Media Planner/Buyer

The role of a Digital Media Planner/Buyer involves finding and purchasing advertising space in the digital world. They need to be able to dictate what platform is the most efficient to target and ased on that audience, when is the best time to target them? There are different pillars and skill sets that differentiate the different types of Digital Media Planners/Buyers.

Integrated Media Specialists

The skill set of an Integrated Media Specialist is the most versatile because they understand the ins and outs of all media platforms. They specialize in traditional and digital media, consisting of radio, TV, print, social media platforms, display ads, etc.

Paid Search Specialist

The skillset of Paid Search Specialists involves planning and buying the ad space for search platforms like Google, Bing, etc. Pay-per-click is a standard skill used in Paid Search advertising where you pay for the advertising based on the number of clicks it gets.

Programmatic Planners/Buyers

The skillset of a Programmatic Media Planner/Buyer requires an understanding of programmatic using data and algorithms to determine the appropriate channel.

If you are an employee that works in the digital media space, the start of the new year would be an opportune time to start a new job search.


The second most popular space in advertising that we believe will be popular in the new year is Account positions. If you are unfamiliar with this area, Account focuses on the relationship between the client and the agency. The duties of an account role could involve adjusting budgets, communicating edits of ads, etc.

Companies are always hiring for Account positions, which include Account Coordinators, Account Executives, Account Managers, and Account Directors.

Overall, we believe that as the digital space continues to grow and flourish, these positions will follow. We hope you have a happy new year and would love to help you on your journey for a role or if you are looking to hire for one of these positions. Get in touch with us today by visiting our website, and we hope you have a happy and healthy new year.