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High-Demand Creative Jobs of 2021

Considering how unpredictable 2020 was, there is a lot of uneasiness surrounding 2021. There are high hopes, but it has almost been an entire year of the coronavirus pandemic. Vaccines are being distributed, but there is uncertainty about how many vaccines will be distributed, to whom, and if life will start to turn back to normal. Until then, work will remain remote and digital needs will continue to be on the rise. From the first month in 2021 alone, we have seen a demand in these roles, and they will continue to grow as the year continues. 


UX Designer


UX Designers are one of the most popular and high-demand roles of 2020 that trickled into 2021. Digital experiences on websites and apps have become increasingly vital in the past year due to working from home. 


The user experience designer creates an experience with a website/app that is user friendly and easy flowing. Although companies sell products, they cannot sell products without purchases their items. People are more likely to use a website/app and buy a product if a brand’s interface caters to their wants and needs. 


In-store purchases have been on the decline since the start of the pandemic, making the user experience a must for websites and apps. UX designers will continue to be a high-demand job as our relationship with technology continue to grow. 


UX Researcher


Alongside the user experience designer, user experience researchers have a vital role in the usability and the purchase path of the customer. The UX designer creates an easily accessible purchase pathway for the customer, but the UX researcher focuses on who their target audience is and what they want/need from brands. 


Every brand and every product has a specific target audience, and the UX researcher inquires who that target audience is, what they are looking for from brands, and what it will take for them to purchase an item. 


The researcher needs to understand the ins and outs of the customer’s behaviors and motivators. They then will communicate those needs to the UX designer. As big data continues to be as valuable as it is, UX researchers will continue to be one of the most vital roles in creative advertising.  


Front-end developer


Another high-in-demand digital role that seems to be sweeping the advertising industry is a front-end developer. Along with the UX researcher and designer, the front-end developer has a vital role in digital needs on websites. 


The main role of the front-end developer is to code and create visuals and interactions on websites. Without the ability to use a website, brands would not have the ability to function digitally. As we rely more on technology and brands continue to focus on selling items online, front-end developers will reign as a popular job in the industry. 


Interactive Designer


The job of the interactive designer is similar to the role of a UX designer. The difference between the two is the interaction directly with the product versus the journey of the interaction with the product. Interactive designers focus on the direct relationship between the product and the user. 


The central role of an interactive designer is to understand the human emotion and appeal to a product. From the first interaction to purchasing the product, they study the relationship between the person and the product.  An interactive designer is a niche role. So niche that it is only a small portion of a UX designer’s responsibilities. As we continue to grow and interact with the digital world, the more vital interactive designers are for brands and advertising. 


Web Copywriter


Last but not least, website copywriters are one of the most sought after jobs in 2021. Traditional copywriting has been on a slow decline, and now that we are in a digital age, web copywriters are hot on the market. 


The role of a web copywriter is to write high-quality text and descriptions about products. Web copywriters specialize in item descriptions, slogan writing, ad writing, etc. Brands have focused most of their efforts on online stores and digital ads, making web copywriters a hot need in the market. 


Overall, the pandemic has shifted the job market for better or for worse. Millions of people have lost their jobs, but companies are actively looking to hire for these jobs. It seems that the future of digital advertising is favorably growing, and the job market is growing alongside it.