a man in a green sweater on a Zoom call on his computer.

Has Your Company Tried ‘Zoom-Free’ Fridays?


One year into the coronavirus pandemic and we are continuing to adjust to most of the changes we have faced. Although vaccines are being distributed, most Americans are continuing to work from home. Working from home sounds relaxing, but the reality is that it has caused high amounts of stress for some. Some people prefer to be in person, while others struggle with staying focused and working with others at home. Companies have been hopping on the trend of Zoom-free Fridays as a way to relieve stress.


 The CEO of Citigroup, Jane Fraser, is the first to introduce this concept to her company. All video calls are forbidden on Fridays as a way for employees to feel more relaxed while working from home. Although employees have the freedom to work remotely, there is still pressure to be physically present via Zoom calls.


Zoom calls take a toll on individuals, and with it comes pressure to look presentable. The pandemic has already taken a tremendous toll on the mental health of people worldwide, and CEOs must help their employees navigate the adjustments to working from home.


We all have had to accept the hardships that this past year has brought, and companies should be proactive when it comes to addressing the mental health of their workers. Having back-to-back zoom calls is both physically and mentally exhausting, and something as doable as Zoom-free Fridays can help relieve stress.


Whether companies decide to try and adapt to Zoom-free Fridays or search for other alternatives, they should be focus and advocate for their overall happiness and wellbeing of their workers. Other ideas could be take-out lunches, half-day Fridays, or a treat at the end of the month. Whatever it is companies decide, they should be thinking of their workers first.


Overall, we think that Zoom-free Fridays will positively impact the lives, mental health, and happiness of employees at Citigroup. This past year was full of hardships, and we hope that your company takes this initiative.