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Find A Job with Clutch

There are plenty of negative connotations with staffing agencies. Some recruiters are apathetic, recruiters that ghost candidates, and recruiters that are poor communicators. We understand your concerns and why you would be hesitant to work with a staffing agency, but our President/Founder created Clutch to break those stigmas to create a better experience.

If you are hesitant to work with recruiters, read this blog post to understand the recruiting process at Clutch, and maybe it will change your perspective. 

“Does Clutch take a portion of my salary/hourly rate?”

One of the biggest myths we want to debunk is that we will take part of your hard-earned money. Some staffing agencies function that way, but we do not. Here at Clutch, we work directly with agencies and in-house businesses that are dependent on your salary. An example of this is if you are making $50,000, we will make a percent of that salary that the company will pay once you begin the new position. For freelance, we will make a percent of your hourly rate paid by the client, not through your earned money. 

“Why is it beneficial for me to speak with a recruiter rather than apply by myself?”

When you apply for a position on your own, you are setting your fate. You will be placed in a pile of other applicants, and there will be a less likely chance for the hiring manager to notice your resume. Also, once you apply for a job on your own, you immediately lose the ability to work with a recruiter. When you submit yourself for a job, you are on your own. 

Applying for a position through a recruiter will help you skip the application line, and you will be presented directly to the hiring manager. Another benefit of using a recruiter is that they will help you sculpt your resume and portfolio to perfection. They want you to be successful in the interview process, so they will do whatever they can to help.  

“How do recruiters help in the interview process?”

Once candidates receive an invite to an interview, our lead recruiter will have a prep call with you about the interview and the client. They will give tips about topic conversations, relevant skillsets, and ways to connect with the interviewer(s). It can be hard to tell if your personality or skillset matches the company, so this is where the recruiter comes in handy to prep you for the conversations. 

“How do I know a recruiter will vouch for my wants and needs?”

This can be one of the trickiest parts of finding the right recruiter. At Clutch, it is our mission to be an extension of yourself when negotiating your offer letter. As said before, we want you to get the best offer possible. Some candidates are timid about asking for more money, more PTO, etc., but you can avoid that awkward conversation when using a recruiter. 

We understand why you might be hesitant to use a staffing agency. One bad experience or a horror story could prevent you from using a recruiter, but at Clutch, we care about finding the perfect match for our candidates and clients. 

Being a boutique agency gives us the ability to harness our relationships with clients and candidates and be the middleman, or matchmaker, as we like to call ourselves. If you are more open-minded in using a recruiter in your job search after reading this article, get in touch with us by reaching out through our website! We are looking forward to working with you.