Favorite Interview Questions from Our Staff

It can be nerve wracking to walk into an interview without doing prior research on the types of questions the interviewer or hiring manager might ask. The interviewer could ask about your personal experience, ask about the company, or a personal question that will test your personality. We asked our recruiters and staff members some of their favorite questions to ask or be asked during an interview.


Maureen, Social Media Manager 


When was a time you felt you were successful and how do you measure your success?


“When an interviewer asks this question, it allows you to think about a moment that you are proud to share with your interviewer and show off your skillsets. Your personal definition of success is important to know and understand for not only the interviewer, but yourself. Knowing and defining your success will help you determine if you are able to reach your value of success at this company, or if your version of success will match the company. Whether your version of success is defined by money, a title, or your ability to create meaningful work, it’s important to know what you want to achieve in the life of your career.”


Megan, Digital Design & Account Management 


What is an advertising campaign that resonated the most/been most memorable in your life?


“I was asked this same question and I answered with the Apple “there’s an app for that” campaign. It made me think about how there must be so problems people have had and then solved it creatively by building an app. Then it made me want an iPod to use those apps, and I thought, “I could come up with my own ideas for apps someday,” and what do you know I did. I won an app prototyping competition a few years ago by creatively offering a solution with that principal of that campaign idea and I’d still love to do that in the future.”


Sophia, Account Management 


What project would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?


“It’s so great to hear a candidate talk about a project that they are clearly passionate about. Anyone can describe “a little about themself” with a few overly used adjectives but when there’s a project or campaign they really think they nailed, you can learn so much about their work ethic and personality. And when you are on the receiving end of that questions it can feel comforting to speak about something that you know so well, spend so much time on, and are confident about!”


Here are just a few of our favorite interview questions to ask. Before entering any interview, always prepare by yourself or with a friend/family member to practice answering questions. An interviewer can tell on your level of preparedness for an interview so be sure to do your research and come to the interview prepared.