Clutch Crew: Our Creative Inspirations

One of the most freeing parts of being a human is the ability to create and express our creativity. Especially here at Clutch, we admire and take creativity into consideration through everything we do. We feel that the ability to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions through creative work is essential and that’s why we love what we do; helping creatives find the perfect job. 


We wanted to share with you some of our favorite creatives and who inspires us daily. It’s essential when working in a creative field to have an artists to look up to, so here are some of our favorite creative muses. 


Maureen – Social Media Manager


Hitomi Mochizuki is one of my favorite creatives.  Her uniqueness and unconditional content are what makes her work so inspiring. Hitomi is a content creator on YouTube, Instagram, and her app, Hitomi Now. Her content specializes in health, self-care, fitness, veganism, and mindfulness, and spirituality. The content she creates is not only engaging and impossible to turn off, but she helps others on their journey to finding themselves. She takes you along with her daily vegan recipes, yoga certification training, the creation of her app, and her relationship with her sexuality and spirituality. If you are looking for a new creative to follow, but also someone to look up to that inspires you, I would recommend checking her out.  


Megan – Digital Design & Account Management 


Paula Scher is one of my favorite Illustrators/Designers. She went to Temple University and now is a partner at Pentagram in NYC. Scher has an incredibly dynamic portfolio as she has worked on different types of projects over the years. Some brands she’s worked for are Citi Bank, Shake Shack, and Snap Kitchen, but she isn’t limited to just brands. She worked on the visual design of the High Line Park in Manhattan, NYC beaches, and the identity for the Philadelphia Art Museum.  I feel like I admire Scher because of the myriad of focusses she can work with. She is not limited to just typography, brand identity, illustration, or other subjects relating to visual design; she integrates all aspects into her projects and thought processes. I would love to meet her someday.


Melissa – Recruiting Specialist


Katerina Christina is a former engineer craving a creative balance. She found photography, videography, and design to disconnect from technology and deconstruct gender barriers in the workplace. Her project “Shattered Glass” showcases women from around the world in primarily male-dominated roles. Her work thrives in minimalism while sending a big picture message. Katerina has reinvented the creative wheel in an era of overstimulation. For me, she is a breath of fresh air! 


Sophia Rosato – Recruitment Specialist & Account Management 


Mindy Weiss is one of the most well-known party planners. She is an unconventional creative, but Mindy Weiss can transform a space into the unthinkable. She is probably best known for executing many of the Kardashian/Jenner parties like “Stormi World” and Kris Jenner’s “Roaring Twenties” themed birthday. Her eye for detail and creativity is something to admire immensely.


Overall, we are especially lucky here at Clutch to have the ability to work with amazing creatives throughout the country. Although we do specialize in creative staffing in advertising and marketing, that doesn’t take away our love for creativity in all other aspects.