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Bad Habits to Break at Work

It is inevitable that throughout your time at a company, bad habits can form. Work can be stressful but instead of nurturing bad habits, forming positive behaviors can help cope with the stress. Here are a few tips to help get rid of the bad habits and learn to make the workday better in every little way. 


Doing “your job” 

As all employees do, you come into work to do your job, but there are instances where other employees may need a helping hand. Instead of having a “that’s not my job” attitude, understand that your job is a part of a great whole. In order for the company to be successful, you need to do your part by giving an extra hand. Helping others at work and taking on tasks that you aren’t originally assigned will help you to recognize how important your part is to the greater whole. 


Following the pack 

Making friends at work can make work feel like home away from home, and it can be the most enjoyable part about arriving at the office every day. What can happen through making friendships is the formation of cliques and that can lead to multiple people thinking and following the same system of beliefs, whether that’s a new company policy or disliking certain people in the office. Instead of following your friends, think for yourself. You will be commended for your individuality and you will harness greater ideas. 


Avoiding face-to-face communication 

Technology runs our world and without it, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish most of the things we do at work. Using programs like Slack can be an easy way to communicate, but with that comes a loss of person-to-person interaction. Instead of sending a slack message when you have a question, ask your employee in person, that way you can get a better understanding and create a relationship you never may have had.