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A Guide for UX Copywriters

A UX copywriter is a unique job in the realm of advertising that is up and coming. To many, this job sounds foreign and almost contradictory. UX designers are known for creating a user experience path for users on apps, websites, etc. On the other hand, a copywriter crafts the wording to product descriptions, slogans, sayings, etc. It doesn’t seem likely that the two would mesh well together, but surprisingly they do. We’re here to help you understand the job function of a UX copywriter, the skillset necessary, and what future jobs will look like after this position. 


What is UX Copywriting?


A UX copywriting role uses wording that will draw the customers in and lead them down an inviting path. This role is different from UX writing because although it involves writing, it has the intention behind it. The goal of the UX copywriter is to use wording that will attract customers to follow a path that will lead them to the company’s end goal. Whether that’s purchasing a product or signing up for emails, they resemble the path creation of a UX designer. On the other hand, the UX copywriter is relative to a normal copywriter because they are writing the verbiage to attract users through the maze to the end. 


What is the skill set of a UX copywriter?


Unlike a general copywriter, UX copywriters need to understand user experience and play a part in the designing and mapping of the process. They need to understand what it will take to get a customer to the end goal and how they are going to do it. They will work side by side with the UX designer to map the customer’s journey. 


Another skill that a UX copywrites need over the average copywriter is to be sales-focused. The role of a UX designer is to have the consumer purchase/sign up for a product, so they must understand the aspect of sales. A UX copywriter also needs to have sales salient on their mind to understand what verbiage will convince the user to buy an product. 


The last outstanding skill a UX copywriter needs is the ability to work alongside marketers. Marketing is the act of convincing the consumer they need a company’s product/service, and a UX copywriter needs to work help the marketer to get to that goal. UX copywriters work hand-in-hand with the marketers to find what slogans, words, and sayings will convince the user to reach the end of the customer journey. 


What comes next?


The role of a UX copywriter is so new that there isn’t a clear line of what comes next in a professional’s journey. In comparison of a graphic designer moving up the ladder and advancing overtime to become an art director, the UX designer has a more broadened future. 


The next career achievement would be for a UX copywriter to turn into a senior UX copywriter. There is no definitive job that would come after a senior role because the position is so new to the market, but that means there is boundless room for growth.  


Overall, if you are looking to get into a niche market within copywriting, UX copywriting is one you should explore. It takes a wide array of skills to master this position, but it’s better to get a head start in an up-and-coming field than not.