coding for front end developers

A Guide for Front-end Developers

The world of advertising is constantly transforming along with technological advancements and changes in the modern world. Jobs that existed nearly 50 years ago are replaced by digital jobs that we never knew would exist. One of those jobs being a Front-end developer. Here is a guide for Front-end Developers and how to succeed in the advertising world.


What is a Front-end Developer?


For those that have no idea what a Front-end developer is, the job position can be described as someone who converts data into an HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and/or jQuery format to code a website. This position will often work alongside a UI designer that will code the website design while the UI designer adds the visual designs. The Front-end developer will not only work alongside a UI designer but will also work with the Back-end developer that will build the wireframe of the website. One of the most important tasks of the Front-end developer is to stay up to date with how the field is developing,


What experience do you need?


The most important skillset a Front-end developer needs is to know how to code, without coding, the job wouldn’t exist. Here are the most common programs of coding that are used for Front-end developers.




HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the industry standard coding that is used for designing documents and coding displays in web browsers. Some of the most common uses for HTML are for creating websites and the most common program that clients and agencies require is fluency in HTML 5. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is frequently used alongside HTML and its coding for visual effects such as fonts, sizing, spacing, etc. The most required fluency of CSS that is required is CSS3.




This program is popular among Front-end Developers is more efficient in terms of designing for user capability. JavaScript is not a markup program like HTML, but rather it is a programmatic language. The difference between a markup and a programmatic language is that a markup language describes what is being coded, whereas programmatic is made up of multiple actions that need to be performed. This script is more difficult to learn because it is programmatic coding, but it is one of the more efficient programs.




This coding is a JavaScript library that can take complicated coding and transform it into a simpler language. It is recommended that you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before mastering this program. The program is known for taking HTML and CSS and converting it into a much more efficient language that in turn makes it easier to use JavaScript on your website. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM all use this advanced coding program.


How to get started


Having an education in the subject is one of the most important ways to build from your foundation, and along with that come certificates in coding programs and Front-end Developing. As with any job in advertising, the more experience you have, the better. It’s important to have experience if not one, but at least a few of these coding languages and programs. The more you know, the more likely you will be able to move around to different positions or jobs and climb the company ladder. One of the most popular websites that Front-end Developers use is WordPress so if you don’t already, get experience working with the platform.



What are Hiring Managers/ Recruiters looking for?


When Hiring Managers and Recruiters are scouting Front-end developers to fill a position, a key value they look for is the ability to work functionally across different teams. The Front-end developer works closely with the UI design team and the Backend developing team. The ability to collaborate and work well with others is valuable. Click here to see what current Front-end Development jobs we currently have available.